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Sleep Business Mobile software can be loaded to improve the sleep aid sleep
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Fast-paced modern life, stress, and people nightlife and drinking habits, sleep disorders become increasingly common phenomenon. WHO in 14 countries and 15 regional survey of more than 2 million, About 27% of people had problems sleeping. High rate of insomnia countries: in the U.S., insomnia rate of 32-50%, 10-14%, the United Kingdom, Japan 20%, France 30%, China is 30%. Large as a person's life About 1 / 3 of the time is spent in sleep, sleep disturbance, quality of life will have many negative effects, and occasionally can cause insomnia, fatigue, and incoordination following day, chronic insomnia can lead to lack of concentration, memory Recession and a series of symptoms, or even induced organic disease. For this trend, many businesses in recent years developed a variety of Zhumian products, sleep economy everywhere, such as beauty salons, massage room, office chairs, steam Car seat cushion. A U.S. vendor called WakeMate sleep aid for the development of software used in conjunction with the phone is a sleep analyzer. WakeMate matching wrist strap using a monitor to sleep before use in Install WakeMate phone application, and set open the alarm clock function, and then tie the strap while sleeping in your hand, to achieve with the phone via Bluetooth connection. WakeMate application will automatically monitor the data communication Uploaded to the network over the wireless network server, the server will upload the data rate based on, users can log in using the cell phone or computer WakeMate site see your daily score. The key is, WakeMate also Will analyze the data the individual sleep patterns, including the most appropriate bed time and wake time, sleep quality and the best time slots, and can automatically set the best time for the alarm to get up, allowing users to get up and refined Full of God. If the user's sleep quality is not good, WakeMate will make corresponding improvement advice. Currently on the market mainstream smart phone iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, etc. can be loaded WakeMate software, while the non-smart phone also has Java software support. As long as a Bluetooth connection and wireless Internet-enabled mobile phone, basically you can use this set of parts, cost about 50 dollars. If too WakeMate too expensive, too complicated to use them, there is an easy to use Sleep Cycle applet is a small value iPhone alarm clock program, the price is only $ 0.99. Its working principle is that people Sleep, the awareness level of consciousness will be the difference between shallow and deep. With this procedure iPhone, can detect the kinetic energy sensor to turn over to sleep in order to analyze the frequency of such actions cooked shallow sleep, and then draw The sleep curve, and thus determine the most appropriate time to get up. Although the Sleep Cycle as WakeMate more accurate analysis of sleep and rich, but the latter is only 1 / 50 the price is also very attractive.