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Insomnia boils more afflictive more like beast of prey
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Insomnia, the nightmare of modern
China has 3-4 100 million people sleep bad, among them the person of 70% does not know he is insomnia, do not have the harm sex that realizes insomnia more.
Old person insomnia is met immunize force drops, easy cause disease of heart head blood-vessel, bring about apoplectic hemiplegy, endanger life.
Female insomnia can bring about endocrinopathy, color of skin is withered and yellow, gloomy without light, facial occurrence splash, furrow, quicken consenescence.
Teenage insomnia can cause growth intellective and undesirable, low, memory drops, attention is not centered, neurasthenic wait for disease, serious effect learns.

Fall asleep hard, do how?
Sleep two days a day bad to have nothing to do with, a week sleeps two weeks bad not serious also, can be long-term insomnia, the person is afflictive: Dazed have a headache, of no use of insomnious much dream, energy... be forced to go up the hospital is begged treat. Spend insomnia gently, the doctor can consider to use the Chinese traditional medicine that calms the nerves undisturbedly to recuperate, serious insomnia, the expert is forced to use stable piece, easy is happy logical sequence of stable, 3 Zun, fast Mian is installed wait for sleeping pill.
Insomnious patient knows sleeping pill has the dependence, sex that become addiction, can take the effect since Chinese traditional medicine slow, unintelligible an extremely urgency, it is difficult to fall asleep, be forced to depend on sleeping pill, the patient is afflictive, the doctor is helpless.
Go up century 80 time, scientist of world each country puts scientific research emphasis on the research of biology preparation, use fade black element in American for instance, the French uses Gu Weisu, but the effect fares badly.

Come out according to the dream, insomnia has treat

Good now, of Hong Kong east child life science academy takes the lead in obtaining a breakthrough, successful development goes according to the dream (Dream) , english means " in the dream that leans close in sweetness " . It adopts technique of contemporary biology project, successful extraction gives pineal body nutriment and fight element of anile material HD.
Everybody knows, the person's Morpheus secretes dictate of fade black always through cerebrum pineal body, if function of cerebrum pineal body ebbs, can bring about fade black element to secrete disorder or insufficient, so the person is differred with respect to quality of insomnia, can much dream, Morpheus. And two kinds of part that Yimengnei contains, one kind is pineal body nutriment, it provides nourishment to cerebrum pineal body, prevent fade black element to secrete inadequacy, another kind of composition is magical fight element of anile material HD, it can make the pineal body of decline of the function in cerebrum is changed to youthful appearance, secrete normal fade black element thereby, strange is still can alleviate nerve, have a headache to dizziness, impetuous of gas of mental insecurity, anxious uneasiness, be perturbed has specially good effect.
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