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Day of 2008 worlds Morpheus begin lecturing of whole nation of lecture of 1000 M
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On March 18, by Chinese division assist, Ministry of Public Health does to start day of sponsorred 2008 worlds Morpheus jointly with central civilization " the harmony of the heart " activity of series commonweal popular science is pulled open in Beijing prelusive. With " good Morpheus of healthy life • " this second activity that gives priority to a problem, gain ground the key healthy Morpheus knowledge energetically to countrywide public, the health that ensures the whole people lives.

As we have learned, "World Morpheus day " the department introduced China 2003 by Chinese Morpheus seminar. Chen Yan of director of Chinese Morpheus seminar just introduces, pay close attention to Morpheus, pay close attention to the health of the whole people namely. Of Morpheus quality rise and of Morpheus science knowledge gaining ground is one involves two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two masses the great cause that daily health lives, need the participation of whole society and attention. Give social public healthy Morpheus, let everybody understand healthy Morpheus knowledge, those who be people is healthy offer assure.

According to sponsorring square introduction, this second " the harmony of the heart " activity of series commonweal popular science will include to participate in what begin inside countrywide limits by 100 experts " big lecture room of popular science of 1000 healthy Morpheus " , " large award of knowledge of Morpheus health popular science is surpassed " and 1 million " manual of healthy Morpheus popular science " distribute freely. Series activity will combine group of natural span of life to be begun jointly by Chinese Morpheus seminar.

Relevant data:

The origin of day of ★ world Morpheus:

Mix to Morpheus importance to cause people the attention of Morpheus quality, international spirit sanitation and nerve science foundation launched Morpheus of a whole world and healthy plan 2001, and will annual will be surely on March 21 " world Morpheus day " . Chinese Morpheus seminar introduces world Morpheus day formally China from 2003.   

Be in world Morpheus day surely on March 21, because this day is of spring,be the first day, the day and night of the periodic, Morpheus of seasonal change is alternant the rule the daily life be closely bound up with people.

   Theme of day of Morpheus of ★ all previous world is:

The theme was 2001: "Open an eye to sleep "

The theme was 2002: "The window of open heart, collective attention Morpheus " .

The theme was 2003: "Sleep health comes "

The theme was 2004: "Morpheus, healthy choice " , remind everybody to pay close attention to Morpheus, keep healthy.

The theme was 2005: "Morpheus and female! "Morpheus and female!!

The theme was 2006: "Healthy Morpheus takes community "

The theme was 2007: "Healthy Morpheus and harmonious society "
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