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"Fill become aware " sleep more at job of no help little because of the person d
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Long night is boundless, inadvertently however Morpheus. A lot of people may have had similar dejected experience. World Morpheus day, expert of industry of our specially invite is your word health, tell Morpheus.

Understanding Morpheus sleeps first the heart sleeps again eye

World Morpheus day (on March 21) that day, our newspaper and combination of the wide hospital that install the gate were held with " Morpheus and psychology " the capital health big lecture room that gives priority to a problem. On big lecture room, wang Weidong of assistant dean of the wide hospital that install the gate elaborated academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science in detail all sorts of knowledge about Morpheus.

The mood is insomnia main reason

Bark Wei Dongming points out truly, cause the cause of people insomnia, include a mood undesirable sex insomnia, be like glad and excessive or be too cross sadness, angst, fear, these psychological elements cause insomnia possibly, psychological element is a when bring about insomnia the mainest reason.

In addition, return some the person is to be used to undesirable sex insomnia, if too much cigarette was smoked before sleep, or be strong tea was drunk to wait before sleeping, or be before sleeping violent campaign, or it is conversation too much bring about too excited, cause insomnia possibly also

Additional, the environment is very big also to the influence of Morpheus. Body reason, medicaments also can cause insomnia.

Drink aid Mian to cannot be taken

Cope with insomnia, not be everybody is met the help that seeks specialized subject doctor for a short while, some people aid Mian with wine, result not only insomnious problem was not solved, drink nerve is more excitedly instead, more sleep to be not worn, aid Mian with wine accordingly very unscientific. Some person insomnia take medicine rapidly, health care is tasted, medicines and chemical reagents, money does not have little flower, also can not solve a problem.

What form contrast with afore-mentioned crowds is, a lot of patients regard Western medicine as " great scourges " , afraid medicaments has side effect and do not agree to eat. Bark Wei Dong points out, actually although Western medicine made clear poisonous side-effect, but this may not happens on everybody body, actually more serious is a few people " psychological action " . When because this sufferred from insomnia,be being treated after disease, should take medicine to still must eat, ability improves Morpheus condition. Bark Wei Dong still reminds, be afraid that insomnia is more terrible than insomnia, once appear Morpheus problem, should find insomnious reason jointly with the doctor first. Wang Weidong emphasizes wanting to sleep first the heart sleeps again eye, should knowing to expect to be worth too tall itself to Morpheus is psychological problem, because jump over concern to sleep to be not worn more instead, say insomnia is not terrible so, terrible is " be afraid of insomnia " . Bark Weidong suggests, can try to help Morpheus with the suggestion.
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