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Help improve the sleep of the six food
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1, milk Milk is the daily life, most able to improve quality of sleep one of the food. Tryptophan in milk with the role of sleep, the body can feel comfortable and is conducive to fatigue and fast sleep. 2, Walnut Walnut is a nourishing food, rich in protein, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, carotenoids and other nutrients. Daily morning and evening eating walnut on the improvement of insomnia, dreams and neurosis are very useful. 3, wheat Of sweet flat, with nourishing and sedative effect. Insomnia may use floating wheat 60 grams, increased 15 dates, licorice 30 g, 4 bowls of water, simmer till a bowl, sooner or later take. 4, longan Of sweet warm, Heart tonic, nourishing and soothing effect, to treat insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia. Semen available longan flesh and 9 grams, Gorgon 15 grams, soups, bedtime; also at bedtime a few pieces of fresh longan. 5, mulberry Of sweet cold, nourishing Yin and achievements. 100 grams of mulberry insomnia optional, add water, amount of decoction orally, day 1, course of treatment is not limited. Can also take mulberry extract, 1 tablespoon, 2-3 times per day with warm water or wine delivery service. 6, lotus seeds Sleep is not real and can be used both weak spleen and stomach to the core Lotus, Gorgon 10 grams each, plus amount of rice porridge with; upset dream of many and insomnia, you can use Lotus core 30, a little salt, water to cook, sleep every night before use.