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Solve Morpheus to perplex good dream again and again
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Urumqi is online dispatchAmong the person's lifetime, when at least has 1/3, spend in Morpheus most, sleep well, with healthy be closely bound up. But investigation shows, many people contract sleep-disorder or the disease that concern with Morpheus, have 30% occurrence sleep-disorder about into philtrum. Accordingly, organization of international spirit sanitation will be annual will be surely on March 21 " world Morpheus day " .

March 21 is day of world Morpheus sanitation, the theme this year is " healthy life, good Morpheus " .

Let our joint efforts, pursue healthy life, begin from good Morpheus!

   Common sense recommends: Spring notices " warm foot " add speed to enter Morpheus state

Get over intolerable winter, when double foot resembles cold winter no longer so icy. A lot of people loosened vigilance, in fact, air cooling of wintry spring intercourse is invaded, most what be affected first is a foot, affect systemic health thereby. Especially in the evening Morpheus when, best the space that oneself build a warm base.

Some people often insomnia, some moment feel crural ministry is frozen, a few times sufficient ministry massaged what make him very fast however to fall asleep, according to the view with simple massagist: "Actually the foot warmed, blood rises circularly, have profit very much to falling asleep quickly. " but how let crural ministry in night to but how let crural ministry in night,keep warm and comfortable?

Average person does not like a central heating of bed press close to, because northward central heating is burned hotly, can make a person dry be borne hard, suffer from excessive internal heat, fall ill. The doctor emphasized a foot warming gas blood circulation is good, blood won't be centered in cerebrum again, and make cerebrum nerve long be in exalted position, enter Mian hard. When sleeping so, scarcely can make a foot cold.

The method that teachs according to the doctor nears bed end central heating, head head is far from the place of central heating, put a small to be used again on the short ark of bedside protect wet, defend dry clear water.

Held to a few days so, the effect is apparent, to cannot changing the person of room pattern, the crural department that also can use other means him warmth actually, place two hot-water bottle to perhaps heat up treasure in bed end for instance, so simple act, not only protected the body, more helped Morpheus, where is what is there against it?