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6 big insomnia a group of things with common features, look are there you?
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In actual life, because insomnia cannot use the number of sleeping pill content,compare relatively little, and most insomnious patient is belonged to careful with gens. What person to include?
Old people
Because the reason of old people insomnia is much, the time photograph of Morpheus is for instance little to be at adolescent, much companion has one to plant or a variety of body diseases, the much system function of airframe drops mostly, especially the function of important metabolization organ such as liver, kidney already ebbed apparently, take sleeping pill for long easy excessive, easy generation is able to bear or endure property of a medicine. So, old people wants careful with composed sleeping pill.
A few adolescent draws near when enter a higher school takes an exam, spirit is het-up produce insomnia, appeal at sleeping pill. Actually, take sleeping pill to be able to be just the opposite to what one wished sometimes, occurrence energy is not centered, unresponsive, memory drops wait for a variety of side-effect. Be in because of minor growth phase, metabolism is fast, take sleeping pill for a long time to increase dosage not can self-consciously, become addiction easily, generation is able to bear or endure medicine, affect health of body and mind.
The person with sexual not complete function
If some sleeping pill are quiet the margin system that controls cerebrum, can reduce sexual desire, it is stable and OK that some sleeping pills are mixed like chlorodyne flabby muscle is brought about impotent. So, sexual dysfunction person, careful with this kind of medicine.
The person of anaemia or blood pressure on the low side
The central nervous inhibition of sleeping pill and outside week sarcous is flabby action can make blood-vessel outspread, blood pressure is lower, cause easily be short of disease of blood-vessel of head of courage and uprightness.
Body weak
Use up sexual disease body chronically because of sufferring from relatively the weak careful with sleeping pill, because feeble constitution includes the sensitivity of sleeping pill to increase to all medicaments, be able to bear or endure suffer a gender to reduce, cause medicaments excessive and undesirable reaction easily.
Athletic system includes muscle and all round inhibitory nerve of neuropathic patient sleeping pill, flabby muscle, OK and aggravating flesh is faint, produce the symptom such as exhaustion. If undertake sexual flesh neuritis of root of hidebound, chronic nerve, diabetic erupt simultaneously with uremia serious all round neuropath, all Ying Shen uses sleeping pill.
Light, medium patient of disease of spent lung, liver, kidney
Sleeping pill can make chronic bronchitic, asthma aerates undesirable accentuate with carbon dioxide retention. And function of liver, kidney can not make the metabolization of medicaments is mixed completely excrete speed to decelerate, easy save up causes undesirable reaction, toxic even.
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