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Highest milk of throughout the country of rate of Guangdong insomnia sicken is a
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Whole nation of rate of Guangdong insomnia sicken is top, alleged drink view of Morpheus of conduce of red wine milk to be without a basis

Yesterday is world Morpheus day, the theme is: Healthy life, good Morpheus. Morpheus division expert says, the insomnious incidence of a disease of Guangdong is in the whole nation is top, but only the insomnious patient of 5% begs examine, the patient of 70% never alludes to the doctor insomnious symptom. Morpheus inadequacy is more stand side by side with rubbish food the two big killer that are teenage health.

In addition, be aimed at wide for what circulate " before sleeping one cup of red wine, milk, several sheep conduce to Morpheus " wait for a view, the expert says to prove without any scientific evidence its are effective, can affect instead fall asleep and Morpheus quality.

■ insomnious story

Husband and wife 3 years not " it is good to had slept become aware "

Mr Zhang is white-collar of a company, young when because the job needs, often all night stays up late, when position preferment, after actuating pressure alleviates, he discovers himself however again also " sleep to be not worn " , every arrive in the evening, mr Zhang always sleeps to be not worn again and again, do not suffer control ground to consider some of farfetched issue, good fell asleep not easily, a bit a sign of disturbance or trouble can sleep lightly he, work everyday downhearted. Arrive now in the evening sack time, mr Zhang is particularly nervous, always thinking ceaselessly " can I be asleep tonight? Always thinking ceaselessly " can I be asleep tonight??

And the wife of Mr Zhang sleeps in the evening easy and stertorous, to do not sleep lightly the husband, sleep every night cautious, result also insomnia, "Did not sleep 3 years it is good to cross become aware, I arrive now sleep to fear! " Mrs Zhang says.

Stay up late the habit changes hard to be worked in the same place to isolate

"More night heals beautiful " it is nowadays the life portraiture of a lot of youths, but this kind sees what the night life that seems beauty brings is biology section law however is disorder be out of line with what live with the society. Xiaozhou is the undergraduate of a strong finish school, study result is good, disposition is optimistic, gained the leader's favour very quickly to the company, work in the same placing also have good opinion quite to this optimistic boy. But before long, work in the same placing often go to work small weeks with respect to discovery time is slouching, constant a person looks at computer to syare blankly, expression is absentminded, the mood is very not stable also, the talk between the colleague also is responded very, work in the same placing also did not say with Xiaozhou slowly, xiaozhou feels he resembles is to be in a new company. Small before Zhou Zaida learns with respect to nurturance the habit that stay up late, particularly excited in the evening, always want to be asleep to 34 bits of ability, and always be in not sober condition by day, working hind wants to change habit of work and rest how to also change to come nevertheless however, because this is brought about,estranged with work in the same placing.
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