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Several sheep are helpless and fast enter Mian
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According to Xinhua News Agency

Today is world Morpheus day. British Oxford studies the group ever divided patient of disease of many 50 insomnia on average into 3 groups to have comparative test. Researcher lets the illusion before the first group of patients are entering Mian a few gentle relaxation picture, be like elegant chute or the scene of holiday, and those who let the 2nd group of patients use a convention " several sheep " method, do not have any guidance to the 3rd group of patients, hold the post of its freedom thinking. Experimental result makes clear, target of the first group of research is made an appointment with than ever fast 20 minutes enter Morpheus state, and other of target of two groups of research fall asleep speed wants than ever slightly a few slower. Researcher thinks, "Several sheep " too drab, helpless fall asleep peacefully at mood of angst of people divert oneself from loneliness or boredom.