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Shenyang: Red head file ensures student Morpheus
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Do not make middle and primary school unripe shift to an earlier date school

2007 the beginning of the year, liaoning saves bureau of Shenyang city education to publish a document, put forward to be the Morpheus that ensures middle and primary school is unripe, "Cannot strip the Morpheus time of children, cannot let them shift to an earlier date school. " file requirement, middle and primary school is born in 7 when arrive 40 minutes school, each school does not get do sth without authorization to ask the student shifts to an earlier date school. To arriving because individual account is freewill early the student of school, school just should offer convenient, but cannot collect fees to the student absolutely. Right successive twice above violates the president of compasses and teacher, city education bureau will inspect clue weight to give processing.

Before this, each middle and primary school asks the student was controlled at 7 o'clock in the morning generally school.

This file results from the oral proposal that countrywide National People's Congress represents Zhang Guiping. Zhang Guiping is prexy of software of north of institute of Shenyang aviation industry, when she makes survey with respect to student Morpheus problem, a student tells Zhang Guiping, "Rise earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog, work morer than the ox " . Zhang Guiping understands, student " not be not dozy, it is to do not have time to sleep, writing job, learn new tax, to the late night 912 bits of ability sleep in the evening, rose at 6 o'clock in the morning, morpheus is less than 7 hours. Morpheus is less than 7 hours..


Red head file is held back

The file allots a year, how is each school carried out?

Red head file is held back, student parent not know the inside story. On Feburary 27, in Shenyang 7 in, the reporter sees, less than 7 when, the platoon is full at the door the school the car that sends the child to go to school; Many students run anxiously to the school, still often accost wears: "Fast was late, a bit faster. " should be asked about when why coming to the school so early, plum surname parent says, the school did not say, we do not know to teach bureau regulation 7 when 40 separate the business of school! "Everyday for company child arrives in the evening late night, in the morning 5 when have to rise 30 minutes to cook to the child, from morning till night is tired dead. From morning till night is tired dead..

On Feburary 28, in the morning 6 when 30 minutes, in peaceful area 3 classics street, the reporter ascends on 280 buses. One, on the car 36 passengers, besides 7 adult, 29 are back satchel is babyish the junior high school that did not take off is unripe. A few students are being contended for say, the school asks 7 when before study by oneself in scheduled time to school, just passed so 6 when have to come out to take a car. 3 students say first, just can go to bed more at 11 o'clock every night, in wanting immediately, took an examination of, pressure is great, work is much. 5 when struggling 50 minutes to get up, wash gargle, have a meal, ran goes out, like fight. Mom rises early still than him everyday.
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