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Day of 3.21 worlds Morpheus is stertorous also be a kind of disease! ! !
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How many person is bear the anguish of Morpheus?

Thing of the what on the world, need to spend money least of all and be worth us to enjoy particularly? It is Morpheus. Shakespeare Morpheus assimilate to it is life banquet go up " tonic " , it is reasonable. Healthy lifestyle, begin from good Morpheus.

Among the person's lifetime, the time that has 1/3 at least is spent in Morpheus. Sleep well, with health closely related. At present patient of our country sleep-disorder has 300 million person about, morpheus is undesirable person be as high as 500 million person unexpectedly, among them 300 million above lives in the city. The multitude that there is 50%% about in adult has had Morpheus bad experience, and the person that 80%% is as high as in professional female gets sleep undesirable worry, senile philtrum suffers this worry in also amount to is not little, morpheus problem gets generally paying close attention to. Among 10 people of Chinese, about 8 people won't sleep, he (she) people the Morpheus that is the deepness that does not enjoy high quality everyday above all, at the same time the body also may be damaged. Have the snore that hit bazoo, grind one's teeth, somniloquy, breath not smooth etc, the Morpheus circumstance with these evil bad, it is to mirror you to fail to achieve high grade Morpheus.

Expert proposal:

1. When sleeping, avoid to put both hands before the bosom as far as possible, oppressive heart lungs, block up breathes.

2. Lying on one's back is not optimal pose, because of ministry of root of the tongue when lying on one's back dropping of in the future shrinks, the influence breathes, give out snore easily.

3. Fu Wo will be oppressive pectoral abdomen, cause breathing difficulty easily, it is incorrect sleep appearance.

4. Towards the left and lying also is not good method, it is not quite good that because pressing left heart,room activity circulates to blood type.

5. Rightward lies, the body is light bending is first-rate pose allegedly, can make grow in quantity of flow of relax of systemic flesh dried meat floss, blood, breath expedite so.

6. Morpheus time should last 7~8 hour commonly.

7. Any noise exceed Morpheus environment 60 decibel, meeting stimulation is neurological, pass the whole body, let you cannot smooth and steady fall asleep.

SAS can cause systemic disease: Our country, with stertorous the time-out of breath of block sex Morpheus that is main symptom is asked for integratedly (OSAS) sicken rate is 4 % , have this disease multitude at present about 30 million - 50 million, sicken person the 2%% that takes normal crowd, incidence of a disease of crowd of 65 years old of above is as high as % of 20 % ~40. Hypertensive sicken rate amounts to 48%% in serious snorer and rate of sicken of not easy control. SAS this disease can cause high blood pressure, cause coronary heart disease; Can make children sudden death, intellectual growth undesirable and wait to blood-vessel of spirit, head damage. SAS still can make disease of the blood-vessel that send a head, mind anxiety of unusual, lung and breathing exhaustion, diabetic, sexual desire drops, fat, grumpy, etc a series of complication. The final disastrous outcome of SAS is disease of blood-vessel of head having a heart, and disease of heart head blood-vessel already occupied first place of global illness cause of death. The expert reminds a clinician, morpheus disease already made a kind of common disease, should give diagnose cure actively.
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