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Our country has the breath in Morpheus of 70 million person to suspend the first
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Different level has the adult that our country has 7% Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly, by population computation has 7000 much people, house world the first.

The clinical characteristic that Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly is much hair, much viscera damage, look legibility and treatment are effective. Divide bring about or outside aggravating breath exhaustion, still be cerebral blood-vessel accident, the critical factor of miocardial infarction, hypertensive disease.

Ill mechanism of hair of this one disease is complex, involve bowel of breath of nerve spirit division, internal medicine, heart, stomach, endocrine to wait, the clinical medicine such as surgery of face of department of stomatology, jaw, otolaryngology, radiative division, the hair ill mechanism that a lot of disease have still is not clear about, require further research. Because have very strong concealment quality, easy by clinical by accident examine leakage examine, medical home people also call its " of " sleep killer. Those who need ambitious shift is, stertorous breathe time-out with Morpheus closely related.

European crowd investigation makes clear, occurence rate of chronic snore disease 15. 6 - 19 % , stertorous now and then 26 - 30 % , rate of sicken of Japanese snore disease is 12. 8 - 16 % . The proportion that stertorous disease patient spends again in our country is 15 - 30 % , and increase as the heighten of the age.

Stertorous often accompany breath suspends be being asked for integratedly, the United States 20 - the proportion that Morpheus produces to breathe time-out in 50 years old of grown men between is 2 % for 4 % , female. Until 60 years old are controlled, this kind of symptom should break up one times the left and right sides.

Be in our country, 60 - rate of sicken of the male in 69 years old of old people is 39 % , female 17 % . In order to breathe time-out low aerate the index arrives estimation, breath of each country Morpheus suspends the sicken aircraft that collects integratedly leading, the sicken rate of male of 40 years old of above of American is 1 . 24 % , european country 1 - 2. 7 % , japan is 1 . 3 - 4. 2 % , our country is 3 - 5 % left and right sides, each country of world of scale prep above.

Liu Anna introduces, through Morpheus breath guides appearance breathes a state to undertake detecting to Morpheus more, it is to know the method with this one the most effective disease. At present our country already had many 600 hospital to have this kind to detect method. Return hospital of a hunderd schools of know exactly about sth to be able to be offerred at the same time include to not have achieve suppress aerate operation of figuration of pharynx of remedial appearance, palate inside a variety of treatment methods, help patient casts off the worry of this kind of disease. (