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Let family person sleep good become aware
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"Not tired in the evening, although was asleep, one have activity to sleep lightly; Get up in the morning carry do not have mind, the feeling is tired... " Mr Lin that is perplexed by insomnia is black eye socket, appealing to suffering depressedly to the reporter. Insomnia resembles devil, tangling to resemble Mr Lin such person. World Health Organization (WHO) is such definition insomnia disease: "Insomnious disease is a kind of duration quite long, right of Morpheus pledge and estimate not satisfactory position. " according to Chinese Morpheus seminar sampling investigation shows, at present our country sleep-disorder patient is made an appointment with

Sleep bad to perplex the whole world a few people

WHO ever undertook investigating to the 26 thousand person of 15 7 countries, areas, the rate that discovers the Brazilian contracts insomnious disease is 40% , the United States is 35% , 別 of cent of England, France is 30% with 25% . WHO goes out in the findings report middle finger that announces subsequently, conclude by afore-mentioned data, the whole world has the person of 27% to suffer insomnious worry about. Last year in June, american Morpheus foundation announced investigation of state of a completely beautiful Morpheus again, point out the United States has 126 million person to suffer insomnia to perplex. Investigation shows, 2000, the United States has the adult of 62% to have Morpheus problem, arrived 2004, this one rate already rose to 75% . And be in England, the phenomenon that contracts insomnious disease is very common, the Englishman that makes an appointment with 1/3 insomnia passes. In France, the person of 1/10 needs to often take sleeping pill, the person of more than 60% ever appeared disease of level sex insomnia.

People always thought in the past, the boss that insomnia is working business or went up the problem that the talent of age can encounter, actually otherwise. China Dr. Zhang Lan points out center of hospital mental hygiene on the west, the student that faces pressure of enter a higher school nowadays, be called " essence of bones of the dead " (white-collar, backbone, elite) the crowd of 3 big tall hair that young and old people are insomnia. Insomnia, short-term inside expression is drowsy by day, train of thought is unsharpness, attention cannot be centered, the mood gets angry not steadily, testily, indescribably etc. Previously, people always feels these short-term effects are temporary, sleep well shut-eye does not have a thing, but the fact is not such. More and more evidence make clear, the influence with insufficient Morpheus can be accumulated, serious endanger health finally, cause sudden death even. A recent research shows England, often insomnia person 3 times the risk that contracts heart disease is normal person; Morpheus is not worth the main reason that also is traffic accident, be in England, because driver exhaustion drives,have 45 thousand person every year deadly or suffer serious injury. Morpheus is bad to still can affect the immune function of human body badly, cause cold, depressed disease, diabetic, apoplectic, heart disease and cancer easily to wait. Science considers to still confirm, morpheus inadequacy can be brought about fat, influence colleague, family concerns.
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