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"Morpheus crisis " cause revolution of the product that aid Mian
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From " world Morpheus day " since introducing China, social all circles is helping people pay close attention to Morpheus health, change Morpheus idea, took Morpheus quality respect seriously to do much popular science to popularize the job, had positive stimulative effect. The reporter interviewed understanding to arrive recently, people is seeking the course that resolves Morpheus crisis in, formed the market that value estimates hard insensibly actually, and plant around this " Morpheus economy " accompany again gave birth to a giant Morpheus industry. Face the Morpheus industry of blossom everywhere, concerned expert points out, this industry still remains farther standard.

   "Aid Mian to sleep peacefully " sell a site newly into the businessman

Because long-term Morpheus is insufficient, many white-collars are different level land appeared angst, depressed, have a headache, the psychology such as palpitate and physiology disease. Then, an a piece of comfortable bed, belt is slow a bottle of functional pillow, drug that calm the nerves... became people to argue a hot number that buys. Eat, use, all sorts of instruments, arrive greatly a piece of mattess, small to a pillow, even a bottle of honey also is built with stimulative Morpheus went up to concern.

The reporter is in beauty of a Le Fu, content to wait for a few to sell a discovery greatly, sell the product that there is Morpheus brand in field full of beautiful things in eyes, the bedding of all sorts of stimulative Morpheus and health care taste market pretty good. The businessman tells a reporter, the mattess of this kind of stimulative Morpheus compares common mattess more get white-collar reception, a month can sell on several dicker.

Be in appropriate home to live in, be opposite to make more consumer promotional the acknowledge of scientific Morpheus, divide outside adding Morpheus website, more in " comfortable Morpheus experiences a center " built 20 corresponding experience divisions, by Morpheus expert product of about a hundred kinds of Morpheus, undertake for consumer individual character is recommended. Additional, appropriate home is lived in " good household guideline " offerred rich bedroom to arrange plan not only, still bring consumer to be aimed at the solution of Morpheus at the same time.

Besides bedding, more interesting is a few home appliance, concern with Morpheus it seems that it seems that and not quite, but also hit " Morpheus card " . For instance of air conditioning " eliminate source of 5 big noise, build comfortable and quiet Morpheus environment " , and the freezer in the kitchen is so-called also " use compressor of efficient Jing Yin, move rise very quiet, noisy not at all " , still have smoke furnace of Bao of meal of lampblack machine, report, electromagnetism, juicer, because " should eat a few food that conduce to Morpheus more " wait for a reason also in succession with aided Mian to be hanged tick off.

In addition, concomitant around Morpheus economy blossom everywhere of Morpheus industry it may be said, of beauty parlour, massage room, office rely on cushion of chair, car to wait a moment, people can above smell the businessman sends out " benefit Mian " fragrance.
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