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Day of 2008 worlds Morpheus: The hair of world Morpheus medicine develops form
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Data of background of news of day of 2008 worlds Morpheus

The hair of world Morpheus medicine develops form

Morpheus medicine is a burgeoning brim across course. In recent years, no matter be in,basic research domain or course construction respect all obtained greater progress. 2007 is Morpheus medicine a year when there is important sense on phylogeny, committee of American internist exam established Morpheus medicine major to take an exam, indicate

One, Morpheus medicine- - a burgeoning brim across course

The time of the person that has 1/3 about all one's life is spent in Morpheus, resemble taking food, like watering, morpheus also is one of the mankind's indispensable basic life activities. Sleeping well is healthy sign, and sleep-disorder affects life quality badly, reduce work efficiency. As modern life rhythm accelerate the change that reachs way of life, the medical treatment that disease has all sorts of sleep-disorder sexes to become to highlight increasingly reachs communal and wholesome issue and get the attention of people. According to the classification of international Morpheus disease that published 2005, the Morpheus disease that explicit or underlying factor causes amounts to more than kinds 90, among them the commonnest person if insomnia, Morpheus breathes time-out,ask for the sicken in compatriots integratedly to lead all very tall. If sleep spasmodically,disease of a few scarce Morpheus suffers from disease also be known gradually. In the world, through development of more than 20 years, a burgeoning brim across course---Morpheus medicine has been formed and develop gradually expand.

Clinical Morpheus medicine is the earliest people is opposite traceable cerebral report activity especially the understanding of Morpheus electroencephalogram. American scientist discovered quick look is moved 1953 (REM) Morpheus, prove its and daydream about. After this discovers a person again all night Morpheus existence is periodic, blame is fast the Morpheus that move a key point (NREM) include by shallow the photograph when entering 4 deep and REM Morpheus undertake alternately. Through cerebral report and other the test of physiological index can know Morpheus structure of the person objectively in the round. Go up century 60 time, morpheus considers to become a heat at that time, sleep spasmodically the relation of disease and unusual REM Morpheus is clarified, morpheus breath time-out is asked for integratedly (SAS) make an independent disease formally, published person Morpheus 1968 in installment international standard a collection of illustrative plates, all the time continue to use up to now. After this produced mechanism and respect of Morpheus material research to also have greater progress in Morpheus. The accumulated the demand that reachs a large number of patients to promote clinical Morpheus medicine development that is basic research knowledge. On university of Stanford of 70 time United States applies the century to guide physiology recorder undertakes Morpheus is monitored more, established the Morpheus center that disease of Morpheus of special make a diagnosis and give treatment has. Spirit way lasts to be being pressed at the beginning of 80 time aerate (CPAP) technology and art of figuration of uvula pharynx soft palate are used at treating Morpheus to breathe time-out, in the cure of SAS the respect obtains a breakthrough. Made the period with the rapiddest progress of medicine of the Morpheus on international 25 years in the past. The development trend of medicine of Morpheus of international of make a comprehensive view, present the following characteristic.
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