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How to when sleeping, meet dribble
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A lot of people think only the child just is met dribble, actually adult also is met. Below normal circumstance, we are asleep after won't dribble, if often have this appearance, display deficiency of vital energy of body kidney empty namely, among them deflection deficiency of yang. Alleged " in relief " , point to the functional condition of the body namely. Personage of deficiency of yang, muscle bounce is insufficient, easy and flabby, be asleep accordingly after, can open a mouth, form saliva outflow. Of course, if you catch a cold n&v snuffle, must stretch a breath, bid farewell theory.

Believe you also can detect, when a lot of old people Morpheus, can open a mouth, the reason is them most body muscle is flabby, function ebbs. If frail the case is severe, the eye can be opened more when Morpheus. The personage of deficiency of yang, ferial not when Morpheus, there often also are a lot of waters in the mouth, defecate is inattentive, also allow discharge of easy pour out. If you often Morpheus dribble, had better add an attention more the body, seasonable attune fills.

Ferial can take more feed be good at the Chinese traditional medicine of lienal solid kidney is moved fill, be like lotus seed, Gorgon fruit and yam of the Huaihe River, if do not have suffering of buccal male mouth, can add dangshen.

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