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Morpheus and health
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Morpheus and health

The person's lifetime has 1/3 time is spent in Morpheus, good Morpheus convention is right refection, enhance wisdom, assure health, very important. Science considers to prove, morpheus still raises body immunity functionary an important process.

Factitious what is met Morpheus? Because be called to there is one to plant inside human body,be " uric nucleus glucoside " material, when its head in the head the dry bottom that inspect grave accumulates certain level when, the person had the demand of Morpheus.

Somebody thinks to want have one's sleep out 8 hours to just go overnight. More or less is sack time because of the person different actually. Somebody should sleep 8~9 hour, just have abundant energy, and some people need to sleep only however 5~6 hour is enough. Allegedly Napoleon every night sleeps 3 hours only enough, and German poet song must sleep 24 hours continuously unexpectedly sometimes. Return somebody to say, the thing does not eat and drink before sleeping, this also is completely not correct. Occupy an experiment to prove, bit of milk is drunk before sleeping, can sleep more sweetly. More if you are little,somebody put forward to sleep a few hours, be about to filling the following day sleep a few hours, ability regains energy, this also does not have a basis. Somebody did not sleep a few days continuously, should sleep soundly only one all night, but complemental a few days sleep less time, this is unscientific.

How had slept to become aware ability assures health?

Above all, want the moving rule of comply with biological clock, do not throw into confusion at will it, if when sleep, when to get up, due and fixed habit, do not want to be changed easily. Popularly says, morpheus optimal time is in the evening came at 9 o'clock before dawn at 2 o'clock, because the person's Morpheus is two hours every about,this is, the first sleeps the most heavily, the 2nd a bit shallow, the 3rd, the 4th heals shallow, and 75% what before 2 Morpheus quantities of 4 hours occupy total Morpheus to measure. To old people, morpheus time should compare medium, prime of life many somes had better. Because,this is, old people is easy and fatigue, and the time that eliminates exhaustion is longer also. The old people of 70 years old of above is best everyday can hour of 8~9 of have one's sleep out, the old people of 90 years old of above is best everyday hour of 10~11 of have one's sleep out, in the meantime, sleep everyday 0.5~1 hour lie-down is very necessary also.

Should change a variety of undesirable habits that sleep:
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