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Morpheus definitely
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According to a whole world that World Health Organization releases the message of healthy state makes clear, the Morpheus quality of people is put in the problem with serious move. How to protect the health of Morpheus, became the issue of preserve one's health that contemporary person pays close attention to.

The author ground recently read Cai Yuan of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of the Southern Song Dynasty to decide (the composing of 1135~1198) , discover he raises those who lay theory to disentomb to the tradition with apply, have attainment quite. He writes " sleep bid farewell inscription " , it is pair of Morpheus the research achievement of this one task. "Sleep side and bend, become aware and extend, do not think distracting thoughts. Morning and evening with when, sleep first heart, the eye sleeps after. " " sleep bid farewell inscription " incisive, concise and comprehensive, only 22 words, generalized the 4 gist of Morpheus scientificly to nod: Sleep appearance, sleep condition, when sleeping, sleep law.

Sun Saimiao of cure of Tang Chao name, lived 102 years old, he is in famous " a thousand pieces of gold square " in, also had put forward about " can cease heart, close eyes oneself " Morpheus is academic. Zhu Xi of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties insomnia of constant suffer from and cannot fall asleep, good friend Cai Yuan is recommended with respect to Xiang Zhuxi surely " sleep bid farewell inscription " , zhu Xi is gotten greatly " Morpheus bid farewell " after its law, can fall asleep peacefully. The pose stand or fall of Morpheus often affects the quality of Morpheus. Cai Yuan decides " sleep side and bend, become aware and extend " , told ideal sleep appearance, when flank sleeps, when bending a lower limbs; to face upward to sleep, limb body unbend. To sleeping appearance alternates slightly in sleeping process, it is to be helpful for haemal circulation, 2 it is to be helpful for reducing heart lungs burden, 3 it is to be able to adjust the exhaustion of the airframe in Morpheus process, 4 it is to be able to hold breath expedite.

Cai Yuan thinks surely the stand or fall of Morpheus quality, depend on whether can be being accomplished " do not think distracting thoughts " . These 4 words have philosophic theory very much, it was generalized sleep the importance of the condition. Alleged " sleep condition " , some mental state ought to be run before falling asleep namely. Does hold answer before falling asleep what kind of mood? That should maintain namely " of state of mind static " , maintain even at the same time " of the heart clean " . If fall asleep before the mood is complex, worry is heavy, anxiety-ridden, it is a heart " static " no less than coming, 2 it is a heart " clean " not complete, cannot take out is mixed and disorderly idea, often cause covet and nightmare. Before doing less than sleeping " static heart " with " clean heart " , should sleep of a good quality become aware come, also be impossible. Main feature of insomnia is chaos of heart miscellaneous meaning, psychological burden is overweight, toss about, all night difficult Mian.
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