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How to sleep ability science?
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If with everyday Morpheus is calculated 8 hours, the time of the person that has 1/3 all one's life is spent in Morpheus. The stand or fall of Morpheus, with the person's psychology and healthy be closely bound up. Morpheus has 4 essential factor, very big to the quality influence of Morpheus.

The appliance of   Morpheus

No matter   is southern bed, still be northward kang, be being put or when build and repair, dou Yingna north is suitable to, south foot of north of the head when the person sleeps, make airframe does not suffer geomagnetic interference. The hardness appropriate moderate of the shop, excellent shop can make because the person suffers its are stimulated and must turn over constantly, how to sleep hard, ache of the whole body after sleeping; Pillow is tall general in order to sleep person one shoulder (about 10 centimeters) advisable, too low easy cause spur of cervical vertebra physiology. In the summer, the pillow wants often ted, avoid let a bacteria enter buccal bazoo, lung ties disease increase.

The pose of   Morpheus

  has the person that heart disease has, best much on the right side of lie, lest build,increase hair interpretation of the cause to lead; Because blood pressure is high and cerebral ministry is aching person, should pillow of proper block up; Lobar department patient removes block up block outside, often change even sleep side, with eduction of benefit phlegmy saliva, the stomach sees the person that bilge to fasten a disease with courage completely, with Morpheus of right side position advisable; Limb has the person that be in sorely, stress avoids oppressive pain spot and lie. Anyhow, the choice is comfortable, be helpful for an illness sleep, conduce to how to sleep.

The time of   Morpheus

Time of   Morpheus should be maintained commonly 7 to 8 hours, but do not importune certainly, should inspect individual difference and decide. Fall asleep fast and Morpheus is deep, general the person that do not have dream or little dream, sleep on 6 hours to be able to regain energy completely; Fall asleep slow and shallow sleep a nightmare of much, Chang Duomeng person, although sleep on 10 hours, still hard drive is relaxed, should adopt all sorts of therapy, in order to obtain effective Morpheus, just extend Morpheus time harmful to the body. Because everybody has different physiology rhythm, because of the person different wants on the arrangement of Morpheus morning and evening! In fact, different physiology rhythm makes Morpheus appears two kinds of circumstances, namely " a person who goes to bed late " and " lark " . Comply with rhythm of this kind of physiology, be helpful for improving work efficiency and life quality, conversely, adverse to health.
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