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Campaign is promotional " deepness " Morpheus
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Already hep environment can improve everybody Morpheus quality, so, does motion also have such effect?
The investigation of American Morpheus association shows, often attend canvasser to compare not canvasser falls asleep fast, sleep get time of deep, Morpheus to grow, there also is fatigue feeling rarely by day. Expert of Australian Morpheus research writings brush the doctor compared ran group about (weekly and average 45 miles) and do not move the Morpheus time of the group, time compares the total slow wave Morpheus when discovering ran group Morpheus not to move the group is much 18% . Similar research also discovers as a result, the senile man that often plays sport and female Morpheus quality are apparent prep above does not move group, performance grows for Morpheus time, fall asleep time is short.
Accordingly, a large number of research supported as a result " physical strength restores theory " , namely slow wave Morpheus conduces to the energy that restores to be used up before today. Common ground says, because the energy in motion is used up,increase, need to restore more for long when Morpheus so. Such, total Morpheus time, especially " sleep soundly " time can be lengthened.