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Sleep bad, not be small issue
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Sleep bad, not be small issue

Zhou Ziyue

Origin: People net -- " life times "

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Of Morpheus at us, mix like food, air water is same, it is the requisite of the life. Sleep well, the following day bouncy, enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood; Sleep bad, can befuddled, slouching, seem to live in the dream all day long. If you suffer its faze for a long time, suffer from easily still on all sorts of diseases. Accordingly, also someone says, morpheus the importance to human body, be next to heartbeat and breath.

Sleep bad person is increasing

However till today, people the ABC to Morpheus, what wait to still know like the happening of Morpheus and function is very little, all sorts of Morpheus diseases increasingly grow in quantity, the harm is increasingly apparent also.

Investigate data estimation according to the United States, at present insomnious patient of the United States already was as high as 40 million ~6000 10 thousand people, predict to 21 centuries middle period will amount to 100 million person. And investigation statistic result of home shows, the sicken rate of insomnious disease is as high as 42% . Because Morpheus is not worth the study that bring about, work efficiency to drop, and the accident of charge of the sick leave that arises accordingly, medical treatment, accident harm pecuniary loss that cause estimates hard. As to because disease of blood of Morpheus low oxygen and blood are kinetic,change, a series of body diseases such as pathological change of caused heart head blood-vessel, its incidence of a disease already occupied the 2%~4% of the crowd, be to be as high as 22%~24% more in senile crowd; Cause the traffic accident that drowse causes by day because of its only, annual pecuniary loss amounts to 500 more than dollar.

Morpheus problem cent is planted

Alleged Morpheus disease, include two fields: It is to show Morpheus itself produces maladjusted disease, be like insomnia and excessive by day drowse (Morpheus is maladjusted) ; It is to point to the disease that be caused in Morpheus process or produces.
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