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Morpheus physiology and dream
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Morpheus physiology and dream

Be not quick look to use feature of Morpheus period physiology (NREM) : Shut eye, miotic, heartbeat and breath, blood pressure and whole metabolization to be reduced entirely, brain wave shows tall extent free wave, begin to enter Morpheus, the dream is less, dream view is dim, rate of memory of the dream after waking up has 5% only.

Quick look uses feature of Morpheus period physiology (REM) : Elevatory, breath quickens rapid movement, heartbeat and blood pressure and irregular, brain wave presents eyeball " synchronism changes fast wave " , wake up hard commonly, after waking up, say to daydreaming almost, rate of memory of the dream after waking up is amounted to 80% , be as high as 94% even, dream view is clear.

The occurrence of the dream: It is inevitable physiology phenomenon. Basically concern with fast wave Morpheus and fast eyeball motion. A person is among the Morpheus of one night, the time that daydream occupies 1/4 about.

Solid test and verify is solid: Fall in all consciousness condition -- arousal condition, Morpheus only then hair condition, blame is fast the eye moves Morpheus and quick look to move Morpheus condition to fall to often happen daydream.

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