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Before sleeping one cup of water prevents cerebral thrombus
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Before sleeping one cup of water prevents cerebral thrombus

Cerebral thrombus is a kind of of old people common disease, its happening is concerned with the degree of hypertensive, arteriosclerosis not only, also add high density to cut with the haemal viscosity of old people relevant. Research makes clear, a cup of water is drunk to be able to prevent cerebral thrombus on certain level before sleeping.

Of cerebral thrombus come on time comes in early morning more during in the morning, the happening that explains hematic viscosity heighten is the same as cerebral thrombus has particular concern. Haemal viscosity of the person is in keep changing in the day, have oneself certain law: Came at 4 o'clock in the morning hematic viscosity is highest at 8 o'clock, reduce gradually later, achieve a nadir to before dawn, pick up gradually again later, reach peak value again to the morning.

So, people falls asleep in the late night before, especially old people, drink water of next about 200 milliliter, such the following day the hematic viscosity of morning human body does not rise not only, drop somewhat instead. Medical bound thinks generally also, water in the evening can reduce hematic viscosity really, maintain blood stream unobstructed, prevent thrombosis.

Of course, the account that cerebral thrombus produces is many sided, hematic viscosity heighten is one of numerous elements only, but can affirm at least, the is used to pair of precautionary head thrombus happening that before nurturance sleeps, waters goes to particular function since the meeting.

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