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Deepness Morpheus, healthy this
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A sleeping nice person, basically be healthy person; One sleeps bad person, it is the person that health has a problem for certain. The ancients cloud: "Do not look for celestial being Fang Mi to sleep square, shut-eye sleeps soundly 100 ill disappear " if we from increase take as the point of departure of him Morpheus quality, may obtain the result that expect is less than. Living conditions is better and better now, people also takes health seriously more and more. For health, for long life, people is used take exercise, all sorts of methods such as nutrition and nourishing whole body, but the Morpheus that very few still someone goes pay close attention to and caring oneself and others. This is health, macrobian one big error.

Of Morpheus and health " all one's life spouse " , good Morpheus is the mark of health of people body and mind. However the addition as shallow Morpheus or insomnious crowd, make all sorts of diseases that produce from this thick as hail. Shallow Morpheus or insomnia already made an impact people is healthy even the main harm of life. The whole world already had the person of 1/3 to have shallow Morpheus or insomnia, our country also achieved 40% above. Sleep to be not worn, sleep bad to make incidence of a disease of senile disease hair younger and younger change.

Morpheus expert is in point out: In the life factor that affects a person, morpheus is a important. Sleep-disorder (shallow Morpheus or insomnia) often cause strength of human body immunity next, mental be agitated, cause blood-vessel of head of hypertensive, neurasthenic, heart easily still at the same time accident and psychological disease suffer from etc, cause sudden death even. Morpheus problem already made an impact what current and harmonious society develops is important restrict one of elements. Accordingly, begin from 2002, world Health Organization annual will be surely on March 21 " world Morpheus day " , affirm " Morpheus, food, air, water " for, life life 4 element, demand perfection mankind pays close attention to and should take the healthy problem of Morpheus seriously.

The stand or fall of Morpheus, not be the accident that sees time, see the quality of Morpheus however. Be in the evening to the Morpheus of action deciding since the health of human body " deep Morpheus " , deep Morpheus of 6 hours is far a lot of taller than shallow Morpheus quality of 12 hours. "Deep Morpheus " it is human body sleeps get the the ripest, sweetest level, right now you do not listen to any din to the outside, others wakes up you very hard also, shut-eye awakes, you can feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright. And second quarter, the hormone that you experience is being secreted in great quantities, all sorts of immune cell, damage cells (especially cerebral cell) undertaking repair, exhaustion is restoring, energy is storing, digestion is busying absorb nutrient goods and materials, trash to be in a large number of excreting. . . . . . "Deep Morpheus " it is child body body length tall, intellective development; The youth is energetic; Middleaged person body is able-bodied; The assurance with old people macrobian health. Accordingly: Young should caress Morpheus, middleaged person to want to maintain Morpheus, old people wants nourishing Morpheus.
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