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Big an account of the founding of an institution or the beginning of a project o
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Big an account of the founding of an institution or the beginning of a project of wave motion of diabetic person blood sugar sleeps lie-in

Origin: " Guangzhou daily "

(pick from " masses medicine " ) responsibility edits: Liu Jing graceful

A lot of people have sleep the habit of lie-in, now and then sleep a lie-in, never mind is great for healthy to great majority person problem, but to the diabetic, make its illness probably aggravating, blood sugar wave motion is increased. Fudan University is accessary Xue Yi of an ancient weapon made of bamboo of doctor of division vice director points out Zhongshan hospital endocrine, if the diabetic wants to dominate blood sugar more smoothly, with respect to the life that must hold to the rule, this among them very important is to want the Morpheus with good nurturance to be used to.

Often stay up late blood sugar wave motion is big

Mr Lu is the manager of enterprise of a foreign capital, check-up discovery sufferred from last year went up Ⅱ diabetic. Doctor besides tell him to want to control food, outside raising sport, still opened profess to convinced to fall to him candy medicaments. A few months went, although doctor's advice of strict comply with takes drug, dan Luxian's raw blood sugar is controlled not ideally all the time, wave motion of blood sugar level is very big. To this, he is very anxious, suspect oneself suffer from even went up other difficulty miscellaneous disease. Doctor course enquires discovery carefully, original, mr Lu habits and customs very not the rule, busy every day the business of the company, often work overtime, staying up late is constant some thing, because work in the evening very late, sleep in the morning lie-in nature became all in the day's work. According to his circumstance, the doctor thinks blood sugar wave motion is big the undesirable habits and customs with him and often sleep lie-in is concerned. Want to fall smoothly candy, he must reasonable arrangement works, raise the habits and customs of etiquette law, give up stays up late sleep the defect of lie-in.

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