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The person sleeps everyday 7, 8 hours optimum
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After casting off onerous physical labor, people discovers the happiness in leaving ideal lives to still have a paragraph of space. Enjoy a comfortable Morpheus hard because of most person -- be addicted to sleeps and insomnia is perplexing people. Have better Morpheus to let more people, latter, the scientists of Japan and United States begin to regard a separate course as to consider Morpheus.

The " Japan learning that represents composition by all sorts of societies can decide to found before long before " Morpheus learns. This is a brand-new integrated course, involve molecular biology, psychological, sociology to wait interdisciplinary cooperation. According to researcher introduction, morpheus learns to basically form by 3 parts: 1, study Morpheus principle through biology experiment and molecular biology, build Morpheus science; 2, sleep to treat insomnia and be addicted to disease, build the Morpheus medicine that treats mental obstacle; 3, the accident that causes by insomnia and mental obstacle through preventing, build improvement the work environment, Morpheus that avoids pecuniary loss is sociological. An investigation of center of nerve of Japanese national drive makes clear, japan has the national insomnia of nearly 20% , the insomnious disease patient of each age layers shares 20.96 million person. They are tormented so that be mentally and physically exhausted by insomnia: Old people old age is bleak, reason of middleaged human affairs frequents, child heart is screwy. Meanwhile, still 840 thousand person suffers from went up be addicted to sleeps disease, these people besides sleep, dry everything is hit do not have mind.

The reason that researcher thinks Morpheus is abnormal each are not identical: Old people basically is the changeover of incommensurate part, the mental anguish that causes by lose feeling makes its insomnia or be addicted to sleep; Because,middleaged person insomnia is mental insecurity and depression; Because adolescence is depressed,teenage insomnia is and lack communicate.

American scientists put research in Morpheus to go up to the influence of life accident mainly.

An investigation shows, be in the United States, morpheus time is not worth 6 hours occupy by 13% of investigation number, achieve or exceed 9 hours occupy 3% . This year June, on annual meeting of Morpheus major federation, investigator people the research that becomes independent according to 3 puts forward as a result, sleep too much or cause death possibly too less, sleep everyday the probability that the adult of 7~8 hour gets heart disease is the smallest, and easier long life. Medical worker analysed the research data of 4541 people, the result makes clear the person that sleep 9 hours everyday or exceed 9 hours, the mortality in 14 years is compared sleep of 7~8 hour tall 70% , morpheus is little the mortality at 6 hours is tall 50% .
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