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Aid Mian to have method: By the five internal organs need recuperates food
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Aid Mian to have method: By the five internal organs need recuperates food

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Speak of insomnia, the person that has experienced feels painful to be able to 't bear certainly. But ask about a reason, be afraid only very few person can come on the answer. Actually, of insomnia and human body " the five internal organs " -- heart, liver, lienal, lung, kidney is relative

The impact is the most immediate is " heart " . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is so called " heart " point to not simply " heart " this organ, still include to be in charge of an analysis, think, the cerebral ministry such as memory, Morpheus and autonomic nerval function. Modern life is tight, the business that does be perturbed angry everyday is much. And excessive " attentively " result, let namely " heart " tired uneasiness, thinking is not clear, bring about Morpheus quality to be destroyed. In addition, other like irascibility exuberant, taste becomes estranged, euqally easy with insomnia " accompany " . For this, taiwan " healthy " the magazine invites an expert, the symptom of a few kinds of insomnia that appears the most easily with respect to modern, gave out the method that food recuperates

Liver gloomy turns internal heat

Look from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, pressure and depressed gas can affect the health of liver. People suffers when pressure, liver is forefront those who fight is imperatorial, often be pressed suffocatively by pressure so. And " gas " become more " fire " , make the body is in the condition of hyperfunction all the time, enter Mian very hard.

Help Mian secret of success:

Touch when upward pressure is great, compensatory can the food of easy liver decompression, for instance green and mouthfeel bear acerbity fruit, if citric, yangtao, plum reachs green vegetable. In addition, when irascibility flourishing easy and thirsty, need drinks enough water. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recommends the rose tea of OK and composed mood, lavender tea, if want to enhance hurried Mian result, can join a few providing to calm the nerves the wild jujube of action benevolence drink together.

Feed sluggish gastral cavity.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word, "The stomach is on bad terms, lie disturbed " . Understand it is good to point out intestines and stomach was not considered, cause a stomach abdominal distension and gas estrangement, dyspeptic, unwell, very difficult one night good Mian. Proper 3 eat allocate should resemble pyramid, it is breakfast eats bigly enough, lunch moderate, supper is light a few. But modern often turns over his to and go, empty in the morning abdomen catchs up with a class, arrived to busy in the evening intercourse dinner party, or borrow by eat to remove well pressure. Retire for the night to go to bed all the time, intestines and stomach still is in the likelihood to work desperately, cannot rest, uneasiness sleeps of course in night firm.
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