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What insomnious preference woman snores is a man mostly
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Insomnia favores a woman Those who snore is a man mostly


Stertorous patient grows 50% every year

"Insomnious crowd is in now growth, stertorous the patient that causes breath to suspend seeing a doctor is increasing also, and the two big reasons that this affects people Morpheus quality just about. " Morpheus of society of breath of director of lab of research of Morpheus of division of breath of hospital of Jiangsu province people, China learns seminar of Morpheus of group of assistant group leaders, China Professor Zhang Xilong is in standing director when accepting a reporter to interview, express, "Common saying says 10 male 9 snore, although do not have so serious, but in grown man, what the person of 1/3 has different rate is stertorous, and the person that has 1/3 again among them has Morpheus breath to suspend be being asked for integratedly, now because stertorous cause Morpheus breath to suspend disease of our Morpheus snore only the patient that ill outpatient service sees a doctor is in every year grow with the speed of 50% . " yesterday, the reporter understands from this courtyard, the patient that to this courtyard the requirement has Morpheus is monitored also is rising ceaselessly, had discharged the end of this month at present, and in these philtrum, almost as a result of,the patient of 1/2 is " Morpheus breath time-out is asked for integratedly " affect oneself or family, health of minatory even life just goes.

The patient that snores is increasing, zhang Xilong thinks, this also is a kind " riches and honour is ill " , have very big concern with fat crowd grow in quantity, "Because fat hind the flesh on the neck is much, this meeting is oppressive go up spirit way, make go up to enrage stricture and be illogical free, appear thereby stertorous, in severe Morpheus course choke easily, occurrence Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly. Additional, stertorous also can bring about disease of blood-vessel of head of hypertensive, diabetic, heart to wait. " Professor Zhang Xilong reminds, as contemporary and common disease, "Morpheus breath time-out is asked for integratedly " come on the age is shifting to an earlier date, in pupil fat also can appear this is ill.

In young female is easier insomnia
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