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Insomnia cannot depend on sleeping pill
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Had tasted the person of insomnious flavor to know, that is the experience of a kind of trouble making a person, light person it is difficult to fall asleep, serious person toss about all night, real pain can'ts bear character. Accordingly, to can fall asleep peacefully, reduce anguish, constant somebody relies on sleeping pill. "The colleague sleeps every " Morpheus cure expert tells a reporter, although use help of a few sleeping pill to fall asleep reasonably,be necessary sometimes, but pure appeal at sleeping pill, not only adverse to curing insomnious disease, and still can produce a lot of side effect, affect the person's health.

Morpheus treats an expert to express, take sleeping pill for a long time to be able to increase the burden of liver kidney, some still can cause the liver kidney function such as hepatic and intumescent, inappetence, constipation to damage reaction of path of the bowel that reach a stomach. Some sleeping pill still can cause mind depressed, intelligence drops, save up of the demote below blood pressure is toxic symptom, cause obstacle of function of breath, loop to wait even. Take the person of sleeping pill for a long time, can produce dependence, fall asleep blame rely on medicaments to be no good, the result creates vicious circle.

In " the colleague sleeps every " Morpheus treats a center, in the public figure that accepts treatment, it is because of affection bowel of depressed, stomach does not mix annals mostly, fatigue tired consider carefully too over- , put oneself in another's position of deficiency of vital energy of courage of exsanguine and empty of ill rear body, overmuch, heart, old is weak reach have cough, asthma, painful, urticant wait a symptom a moment, bring about insomnia thereby. Morpheus treats an expert to think, remedial insomnia should find out the cause that causes insomnia above all, active cure sends a disease formerly; Note mental factor at the same time, those who avoid mood insecurity and smoke, wine, tea, coffee to wait is exciting, cooperate qigong, too extremely wait for physical training, in order to enhance a constitution, and the habits and customs with good nurturance, such Morpheus just can improve