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Insomnious reason
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Insomnia may be caused by a lot of reasons, for instance:
● physiology reason: Fu of suddenly ┥  is collect arm " steamed bun of guest of every of hot Bin of 1 of to fold of  of cape merchant rate makes fun of stalk of  of punish of  of ⅲ of    standing tall and upright to wish  a surname of two Hu  shows ⅲ  haze. Arm of Mian of  of  Mi cook a meal.  hair on the neck of a pig Fei of Kou of δ of acute hearing wait!
Note: Fasten busy move to have the remedy that aids Mian, what perhaps you need is to do a check-up well.
● medicaments reason:
Coffeine, alcohol and nicotine are the common element that affects Morpheus. Certain fight depressed medicaments, tea alkaline kind the side effect that the depressor such as smooth asthma drug, reserpine also may have cloggy Morpheus. If sleeping pill is long-term depend on, once out of service also can cause insomnia.
Note: When you take some kind of medicaments, remember enquiring to the doctor whether the side-effect of medicaments includes insomnia.
● psychology element:
The person lies when depressed condition the meeting because the mood is too low and insomnia, angst can make the person falls asleep difficult, occurrence angst breaks out and perhaps awake in sleep; Meeting energy is very abundant when the person lies to spend mania gently, need very few sleep everyday; Should stimulate after scar ask for integratedly, schizophrenia, mania is depressed the other mental disease such as disease and temporary mood issue make possibly person insomnia.
Note: Insomnia may be the idea of other psychology problem only, perhaps you need to look for a friend or the trouble that psychological doctor talks about you.
● environment element:  of Bo of arch of  of Xi of buy   uglying fact of emperor of  ancient name for a kind of scorpion is  Fu fat Dian of constant  guanidine
Note: Although the story of pea princess is too exaggerative, but giving his a good Morpheus environment always is ought to.
● disposition and ideal element: ⒌ of Meng  Lie is graceful  sending  wishs Wan of  of school of Xi of vent in the sides of a garment catchs Gu to pull Mi Nalang of Tao of  Zan Le Ying  denounces mulberry of Qi of cook a meal
Note: Often can exaggerate on the idea the action of Morpheus, have a lot of unreasonable belief to Morpheus.
Misfortune of ● great life: Heat up black disease.  б carries  Я to carry twinkling of at present of  of  windowing Liang " shank of postscript of  of collection of bed of ancient wine vessel of solid magpie army
Note: Face up to reality, not too abandon, begin to plan to live newly as soon as possible. L 8 is planted the method makes you fall asleep as soon as possible
American Newyork city 8 kinds of methods that M.d. discovered the Kathleen Aerbaite of sleep lab director of a hospital to fall asleep as soon as possible.
One, before sleeping, bathe first, make the body is loosened, because bathe,can raise temperature, make a person Mondayish. Before sleeping, bathe should form a habit.
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