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Defeat the 5 big quandary that solve children Morpheus
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Defeat the 5 big quandary that solve parents

1 " we let son go to bed at 8 o'clock in the evening everyday, but he extends time via often can looking for excuse to procrastinate, meet even sometimes dillydally a hour. Make me very anxious really, because I hope,sleep to still can do some of other business later in him. Because I hope,sleep to still can do some of other business later in him..

Why to meet such?

Very much little baby is falling asleep delay time procrastinates as far as possible when preparing, because they know this phases ends, they are about to lie on small bed alone, "Enjoy " one the individual's night. Of course, your mood is understandable also. busy a day, if darling can fall asleep some earlier, you also can rest earlier, perhaps handle oneself issue. At this moment, you may be very easy impatient. Your impatient mood can raise the worry of darling likewise, let him more fall asleep not easily.

You can try to do so:

· does not want make him punctual sleep regard as a task, want to enjoy this paragraph of with darling coexist warmth before sleeping, good time well however, because this may be full among a day, we pay close attention to his hour truly. Let oneself loosen as far as possible come down, also can alleviate so the angst of darling.

· if everyday in the evening, you feel you do not have patience really or energy will accompany darling, can let darling listen to the old practice that he likes, perhaps look a little while together with darling " very gentle " TV program.

· once he is no longer sleep this thing so angst, you can shorten gradually his Morpheus plans time, await you to may time does his business in those days.

2 " general, I won't force the child to must go to bed to time, did not see the child because of a day, I also hope to be able to play more with him meeting. But, the is his go to bed as a result time that I make so is later and later. The is his go to bed as a result time that I make so is later and later..

Why to meet such?

You hope the time that falls asleep through deferring the child will make up for what cannot accompany the child by day to be short of regret, actually, bub understands this very much, and also using this. Nevertheless, everyday such, you may special exhaustion, because you are a very dedicated mother.

You can try to do so:

Throw your compunctious move! Otherwise, before long in the future, you may want again compunctious because of Morpheus problem of the child. Allow the life that you and child return to normal and sleep, the night that lets you becomes a few more relaxed! Additional, the time that the quality that improves company child accompanies than pure pursuit should be gotten effectively much.

3 " every go to the darling of 2 my months to cry ceaseless towards evening, how to fool also use without giving thought to, I simply fast broke down! I simply fast broke down!!
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