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Insomnia is much because stay up late pressure be caused by
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Sunset and breath " it is good sense

Diana26 year old on the body that how cannot public relations manager also think of to such symptom can produce insomnia in me unexpectedly. Want to know, I am the person that tumble into bed all along. The problem goes was in before on the activity of streak. It is I receive so big activity for the first time that, pressure is particularly great. That paragraph of time, I can become nightmare in the evening everyday, it is invitation honored guest made a mistake a little while, be gift buys a fault a little while, can sleep lightly every time almost, also sleep to be not worn again later. Because do not have time to see a doctor, of happen to mom creaming just treat insomnia, hold out allegedly effective, I ate with respect to patchy move, result symptom accentuated instead, how is this to return a responsibility? Expert analysis: Present insomnious disease is clinical and symptomatic of expression and account of document of past traditional Chinese medical science different, its are clinical and symptomatic expressional characteristic has six little: Essence of life

Make fine head
University of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science is accessary director of institute of disease of Morpheus of traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, deputy secretary-general of group of coordination of scientific research of sleep-disorder of prevention and cure of countrywide traditional Chinese medical science, first psychology seeks advice from Shanghai health bureau master, doctor of medical vice director. Learning of old traditional Chinese medical science of name of the 2nd batch of whole nations accedes research class student, the clinical research that is engaged in giving priority to disease and disease of division of its photograph inside Shanghaiguan with insomnia and scientific research work.

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Insomnious definition: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, insomnia namely " do not sleep " , also say " do not get Mian " , " must not lie " , " eye not Ming " etc, because,be the pathogeny such as diseases caused by external factors or internal injury, cause the function of internal organs of the body such as heart, liver, bravery, lienal, stomach, kidney maladjusted, uneasy, as a result often must not enter a kind of diagnostic of sleep.

Recommend Chinese traditional medicine

The root of Chinese thorowax: Flavour suffering, sex is small cold. Have scattered and antifebrile, easy liver, rise positive effect, restraining trypsin, adjust nephrosis of immunity, cure and insomnious respect have pretty good effect.

Sang Xie: Gan Erhan of flavour suffering, sex. Pleasant, so beneficial blood; Cold, so cool blood. Gan Han closes, be enraged below reason and beneficial shade, can bright look and stop thirsty, have benefited meritorious service.

Keel: Yinbenpin contains calcium of calcium carbonate, phosphoric acid and iron, reason the disease such as much dream of forgetful, insomnia has can crackers to Jing epilepsy, palpitation inhibition.
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