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Most probably insomnia person because,be depressed cause with angst

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According to statistic, at present patient of our country sleep-disorder has 300 million about, morpheus is undesirable person be as high as 500 million person unexpectedly. The patient that there are 73 % in insomnious crowd from

Had not seen specialized subject doctor or use medication, insomnia makes the mental disease that puzzles a lot of people, affect the job and life quality badly. Be called

"Insomnious expert " Ceng Ren Beijing assist with the Li Shunwei of director of hospital nerve division the professor thinks, the insomnia of 80 % person because psychological reason is caused,be

Li Shunwei points out, depressed with angst the main reason that is insomnia. The main method that treats insomnia so resolves the responsibility of mentally insomnia namely


Professor Li thinks, having one part person can take sleeping pill. For instance those really the person with very bad Morpheus, the person of chronic insomnia,

Fear to the influence works the following day and live, need uses bit of sleeping pill. But angst and depressed person cannot take sleeping pill solely, "If as a result of,itself is

The insomnia that mental pressure causes, remove oneself pressure only, the insomnious responsibility that resolves mentally first just is correct path " .

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