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Psychological element is insomnia advocate because of
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Insomnia is a kind of common drive problem, bring anguish and worry to a lot of people. A lot of physiology diseases are concerned with insomnia, if embolism of hypertensive, lung, diabetic, fat zephyr is wet,wait a moment. Because this a lot of people think insomnia belongs to disease of a kind of physiology, should give the physician is used take medicine will solve. But the concern that stems from pair of sleeping pill content to depend on, even if of a lot of people also is not willing to be treated seriously and remove by insomnious torment this one trouble, make oneself life quality sells at a discount greatly thereby.

However, although healthy problem is the main reason that brings about insomnia, the effect of psychological society element is more main however. Exchange a word for, insomnia attributes physiology problem not completely perhaps, and may be problem of a psychology more.

Finnish recently scientist chose 626 middleaged people to undertake a questionnaire is investigated randomly, element of the body disease that to mixing insomnia concerns, psychology, habits and customs and life incident undertook an analysis. Consider to discover, have 9. The male of 8 % and the female of 17 % are put in insomnious worry. Compare with the person photograph that does not have insomnious problem, these people more the healthy situation that feels oneself is bad, and appear more diseases, wait like asthmatic, hypertensive, heart disease. In addition, with the element that the job concerns, if position or working environment become poor, what all can increase insomnious happening is dangerous. But compared with these elements, the psychological problem such as neurosis and insecurity is the biggest to insomnious influence.

The disease that any meetings break out in the late evening or disturbs normal Morpheus brings about insomnia possibly, accordingly very neurosis of it's hard to say and insecurity are the culprit that brings about insomnia. But can see at least, insomnia besides with body disease closely related beyond, still having greatest connection with psychological problem. The clearest case is, depressed disease can bring serious Morpheus problem, if fall asleep,wake difficult or early.

And to psychological problem, people sees more easily and treat body disease. When the cure to body problem can not improve insomnia, very few also somebody can think of the likelihood is psychology appeared problem. This one state not only make insomnious problem cannot get appropriate cure, bring about the people negligence to mental health possibly still, miss optimal opportunity of cure even.

Accordingly, when you encounter insomnious worry, likelihood not only the healthy state that wants him examination, exist alertly even should seasonable adjustment and the psychological problem of dredge.