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Find out Morpheus uneasiness element to rebuild regular Morpheus

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The reason that produces Morpheus problem is very much, if some is planted element of disease of sleep-disorder, body, affection, lifestyle (overmuch and drinkable coffee and tea) and environmental element (noise, jam or pollution) etc. Want to find out problem place only, find method likely to solve, build regular Morpheus afresh thereby.

Body reason: Body disease kimono can affect Morpheus with medicaments. If you have some kind of body for a long time disease or take some kind of medicaments all the time inside period of time, your Morpheus can be affected certainly.

Possible body reason: Dyspeptic, have a headache, disease of body of etc of backache, arthritis, heart disease, diabetic, asthmatic, nose Dou Yan, ulcer...

Mental reason: In the feeling when depressed, angst or life appear very easily Morpheus problem.

Possible mental reason: Sensory pressure is very big, excessive sadness of insecurity of anxious, feeling or angst, feeling or depressed, angry.

Lifestyle: Because lifestyle poses Morpheus problem very common also.

Possible lifestyle factor: Drinkable coffee or tea, evening drinks, before sleeping, take food or dinner causes bellyful food later to had be notted digest, activity of the many smoking, acuteness physical strength activity before sleeping, spirit of the exceeding before sleeping, diurnal activity measures too small, evening shift the job, by day

Environmental element: Clamorous Morpheus environment, Morpheus environment is excessive and too bright, pollution, crowded.

Once you found reason place of insomnia, can begin to seek the way that overcomes Morpheus problem. If your discovery is some kind of body reason or think oneself suffer from some kind of sleep-disorder, you should discuss the method that solves a problem with the doctor. Although chronic illness suffers from a likelihood to cannot be cured, but the relieves a symptom method with may discover better is opposite with reducing its the destruction of Morpheus action. If your discovery is reason of some kind of spirit, you should discuss with the doctor, still can try to do at the same time some loosen motion. If you discover the reason that is some kind of lifestyle, suggest you consider to use the environmental strategy that causes your Morpheus problem convertibly.

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