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Element of 6 big psychology

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Be afraid of insomnious psychology: A lot of insomnia patients have " angst of insomnious period character " , one go to bed sleeps to be not worn with respect to concern in the evening, or it is to endeavor to make oneself fast fall asleep, the result is just the opposite to what one wished. The advanced nerve activity of the person's pallium has excitement and control two processes. Cell of the head when by day is in exalted position. After working one day, need rest and reorganization, enter check status and Morpheus, wait for rest and reorganization after one night, turn naturally again to regain consciousness.

The excitement of pallium and restrain mutual and harmonious, form the Morpheus section law of go round and round alternately. "Be afraid of insomnia, want to fall asleep " , original idea is dozy, but " be afraid of insomnia, want to fall asleep " the excited process that thought itself is cerebral cell, accordingly, be afraid of insomnia more, want to fall asleep more, cerebral cell is more excited, so more insomnia.   

The dream is harmful psychology: Many professing insomnious person, cannot dream of correct look upon, think the dream is Morpheus not the expression of beautiful, harmful to human body, even somebody thinks much dream is insomnia by accident. These wrong ideas often make person angst, fear the meeting after falling asleep daydreams again, this kind " cautionary " psychology, often affect Morpheus quality.

Actually, science already proved, everybody can daydream, daydreaming is a kind of normal psychology phenomenon not only, and the way of a kind of work that is cerebrum, diurnal experience repeats in the dream, conduce to memory, clear unnecessary information. Dream itself does not have harm to human body, harmful is to think " daydream harmful " psychology, make oneself produced psychological load.

Self-condemned psychology: Some people because after error, feel compunctious and self-condemned, error incident repeats in brain, repent oneself are handled without appropriate at the outset. By day because the business is much, self-condemned repent the mood is a bit light, to night criterion " wander " in self-condemned, remorseful illusion and excitement, difficult Mian of for a long time.

Expect psychology: Be show the person expects someone or do something and concern oversleeps cause delay in work or business, often appear to wake early consequently. For instance one " 3 fall " website administrator, because go up big evening shift (at night went to work at 12 o'clock) , constant at evening 7 when sleep, because fear to be late, sleep not dependably, often can sleep only 1-2 hour, be slept lightly, became for a long time wake early patient. Also some people are in before the assess of rising, title, result that divide a room is about to announce, also often be in expect exalted position, fall asleep hard.

Childhood achieves the emersion of sad truth: Because some people are lost father and mother when childhood, threaten, punish again wait for scar and feel fear, appeared to be afraid of the phenomenon that the night cannot go to sleep, as the age growth takes a favourable turn gradually, but after manhood period, because be like the traumatic sexual excitement of children period by some sort, can make be depressed in subconscious childhood scar sexual psychology reacts emersion, repeat the insomnious phenomenon of childhood period. Lose one's head psychology: After some people are stimulated by sudden incident, cannot make proper response, lose one's head, how is knowing good, when as a result sleeps in the evening also overcautious and indecisive, think over and over, but the anxious and exalted position that is in be in a dilemma, hesitate about what move to make from beginning to end.  

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