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What is the cause that causes old people insomnia
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The person arrives after old age, insomnia became a big question that perplexes old people, when a lot of old people see a doctor, constant sleep to be not worn become aware or the dream is recounted as main symptom more.

Old people sleep-disorder, main show is falling asleep time is lengthened, number of Morpheus unrest, Yi Xing, arousal increases, make Morpheus presents level to change, deep Morpheus time decreases. The cause that causes old people sleep-disorder has the following kinds:

(one) cerebral ministry implement qualitative sex disease:
The old people growth as the age, head arteriosclerosis degree accentuates gradually, or companion has pain or numbness caused by cold of 痲 of block of hypertensive, cerebral hemorrhage, head, gawkish, quiver to wait for a disease, the occurrence of these diseases, can make cerebral ministry blood stream decreases. Cause a head decompensation and generation insomnia symptom.

(2) systemic sex disease:
Aged later, systemic disease occurence rate is high also. Old people suffers from cardiovascular disease to be like coronary heart disease more, heart function is not congruent; Respiratory system disease is like anxiety of emphysema, lung to wait. If other is rheumatoid arthritis, gouty kidney function the disease such as coma of disease of pruritic of not complete, diabetic, whole body, cervical vertebra, limb. These are ill, but because of the disease itself or its accompany a symptom and affect Morpheus, the insomnia of aggravating old people.

(3) mental disease:
Have concerned branch statistic, in old people, have the proportion of depressed condition and depressed tendency, kid of apparent prep above. Depressed disease has insomnia, have a bowel movement more the disease such as not expedite, palpitate, its sleep-disorder basically is behaved reach deep Morpheus to decrease to wake early. Increase as patient age, midnight sleep-disorder can become more and more serious after. Action in chief is mixed to wake early more after waking fall asleep again hard. The degree of serious degree and depressed disease has insomnia to concern directly.

In addition, the change of the outside ambient of old people, coming on going up still is an objective factor that cannot ignore. If old people can maintain affinity with the family, feeling is harmonious, the contact is intimate, do not break away from domestic warmth, psychological activity is basic and normal, produce insomnious symptom not easily also consequently. Contrary, because certain reason causes environmental change, economic income decreases, or itself is feeble with each passing day, can differ so the territory that level land restricted his door, possible old people and society are aloof, the position also does it drop back. Young when the job active, life is happy, to old age, need others to take care of the proper pride that damaged them inevitably everywhere, make their sink corner shrinks back, produce self-abased move. Some is weak and sick, thought of hard to avoid is serious, produce insomnious symptom very easily. Besides insomnia, return constant companion to abstraction ponders over ability and the ability that get used to new environment to drop, creativity ponders over ability abate, study ability is low, initiative and aspiration sex decrease, interest range is narrow, attention is centered not easily, not easy and fast, spirit is dispirited. Develop even for emotional inhospitality, obstinate, interest tendency of narrow, occurrence hypochondriasis... etc, generation is inactive shrink back psychology. Or gradually hasten is conservative, sometimes the esteem because of the youth, more heavy their behavior is inflexible, dogmatic with narrow tendency. To the insomnious reason of old people, discover implement outside qualitative sex pathological change, note the change of field of its spirit, psychology, nature forcedly still, ability is prevented better, treat insomnia.
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