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Such chronic insomnia bringing about

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Chronic insomniaIt is to point to be more than a month to be in insomnious state, the reason of chronic insomnia is very complex and go harder discovering, a variety of reasons add up to place together to cause a lot of chronic insomnia.

The cause that causes chronic insomnia possibly is as follows:

(The disease of respect of 1) , body can guide to insomnia;(occupies research a lot of chronic all are concerned with insomnia)

(Disease of 2) , god suffers from or mood obstacle and bring about insomnious;

(3) , with medicaments, alcohol, exciter, or drugs wait and bring about insomnious;

(4) , have wake up periodic obstacle or not the rule and bring about insomnious;

(The base in the 5) , crus before sleeping has sick feeling or sleeping will be not own twitch and bring about insomnious;

(6) , sleep dozen breathe out, regular breath or other breathe an obstacle and do not bring about insomnious;

(The 7) , former insomnia that send a gender.

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