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Is the sense good why still again and again insomnia?
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Insomnia is the dense disease that puzzles modern city person. Some people feel each respect situation has compared him psychology, without what burden, to oneself so the state of occurrence insomnia feels very bemused. The white lady of provincial capital spends the New Year after coming back again and again insomnia, to this she feels very strange, what reason be after all bring about?
I am the person of rule of an exquisite life, before falling asleep, I read a book only commonly, drink bit of milk. General, the book looks to fall asleep before 11 o'clock in the evening. But, be over too year come back I often insomnia, all night sleeps to be not worn become aware. Sleep to be not worn, white sky class is bloodless, for this I must drink coffee in great quantities life-giving. I seek advice beside the fellow worker that has insomnious experience, they say to commonly worry feels pressure is great, can bring about insomnia. But, I feel to there is what pressure in him heart.
Treatment of my emotional stability, job is quite good, and all round colleague relationship is good. Just spend the New Year rested a many week, some are lazy, throw in the job of high strenth abruptly, feel some get used to mentally to come nevertheless, go to work the spirit that do not have what, looking forward to to come off work.
I am the closest not only sleep to be not worn, still become nightmare again and again. I had been held out with concern of boy friend family, but however the dream does not like me very much to his mom. My mom body is very healthy, I however the dream got incurable disease to her fast washed-up. Why am I met insomnia? Why can you make these strange dreams?
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Psychology comments on:
Insomnia has a lot of reasons, have physiology reason, medicaments reason, psychological society reason. Can see from afore-mentioned case, the main reason of white lady insomnia is psychological society reason.
White lady says she does not have pressure repeatedly. But the content that reflects from her can see, she puts in pressure of implicit two kinds of psychology at least: The first, actuating pressure; The 2nd, amative relation pressure. The problem that the dream often can tell us to a lot of him person that daydream cannot realize. Common saying says well, "The dream is born by the heart " .
The actuating pressure that white lady place presents namely we often mention " the syndrome after the section " , the Spring Festival is slack life 7 days, it is the life that does not have pressure. All sorts of pressure after going to work following sb's heels and come, if do not undertake psychology is adjusted at this moment, those who because psychological pressure causes the body to go up,meet is unwell.
Here mentions a kind of insomnia even, that is false sex insomnia. False sex insomnia is to show the expectation cost to Morpheus is too high, very scared to insomnious consequence, plus activity of psychology of a few dream, make a person avowed did not fall asleep for all night, but actual condition is not such.
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