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Vigilant food spirit away your Morpheus
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1. big dinner, tall adipose food. Can lengthen its the digestive time inside the stomach, bring about cannot fall asleep peacefully at night. Dinner should eat a bit lesser, a bit more delicate, best choice a few low adipose but the food that contains protein, be like fish, chicken or be lean lean.

2. Contain the beverage of coffeine or food. Coffeine will be exciting neurological, make the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure rises. The person with a few pairs of sensitive caffein, although a cup of hot cocoa is drunk afternoon, also enough makes you are in difficult Mian of midnight time pass through many places. In addition, the diuresis action of coffeine also can make you again and again get up in the night to urinate, affect Morpheus quality.

3. Drink. Before sleeping small drink a cup, may awake at 23 o'clock in early morning, also cannot fall asleep again later. Alcohol has certain composed effect really at first, but after spending a few hours, composed action is met swoon, begin occurrence excitement action instead.

4. Produce angry food. This kind of food makes bilge inside intestines and stomach full gas, the feeling is sick, sleep to be not worn. So dinner should eat the food that produces gas less, include: Legume, onion, potato, corn, banana and the drink that add alcohol of hill pear sugar