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Insomnia and what disease is concerned
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Insomnia and very much disease are concerned, if the disease cured, insomnia restored commonly. Understanding can cause insomnious disease, benefit somewhat to improving Morpheus better. The disease that concerns with insomnia is as follows:

Disease of central nervous system, be like a head disease of blood-vessel of traumatic, tumour, pineal body tumour, head (block of cerebral hemorrhage, head) , Pajinsen disease, senile domentia, epileptic, migraine.

Respiratory system disease, if emphysema of sex of chronic bronchitic, chronic block, lung is chronic,affect venereal kitchen to wait.

Urology disease. The Morpheus when chronic kidney function fails, often short and broken, have kidney only dialytic or kidney transplant ability is solved effectively. Uremia still can be because of poison inside body save up, and do not go against the ground to injure central nervous cell to reach make airframe metabolization disorder. Diabetic, diabetes insipidus, urology affects the frequent micturition that cause, also can disturb Morpheus.

Irritability disease often also disturbs Morpheus, if skin Sao is urticant, nose block, make Morpheus cannot undertake.

Digestion disease, if ulcer is ill, enteritis, dysenteric,wait cause bellyacke, heartburn, disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea to reach calorific wait for a symptom, also disturb normal Morpheus apparently.

Circulatory system disease, especially the heart declines, it is angina pectoris, hypertensive, OK to move phlebitis to wait cause insomnia.

Skeletal, muscle, articulatory inflammation and ache are clinical go up common disease, land of different also level causes sleep-disorder.

Additional, wait to also can cause insomnia to wait via syndrome of syndrome of early days insecurity, the turn of life.