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Food is undeserved, can bring about insomnia
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To modern, can sleep good become aware should be kind of happiness really, because insomnious person is too much. China medicine can release a findings before long before Morpheus center, suffer in 10 thousand of the 6 big city such as Beijing, Shanghai in the person that visit, half person has sufferred the insomnia of different level. And was opposite in nest company recently 9 cities also show in the investigation of 150 reporters, the reporter of 40 % is blamable Mian problem, the person of 87 % thinks Morpheus problem already brought negative effect to the job and life.
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 Bad mood affects Morpheus

Sleeping, sleep spicily, one kind be contemporary white-collar is longed for, morpheus is a kind of main physiology demand not only, it is psychological need more. Plum of Zhao of clinical psychological expert says colleague hospital, the white-collar faces pressure, competition and challenge everyday, produce Morpheus problem very easily. What often can feel the body the following day is tired, headache, memory drops, complexion is gaunt, subsequently and those who come is influence work efficiency and life quality.
  actually, great majority sleeps to be not worn the condition that the person that become aware is a kind of nature, morbid state of and rather than. Zhao Mei says, more experiences that are body of a kind of heart mix Morpheus experience, the body feels comfortable, mood nature is gentle, when sleeping, also be to loosen, comfortable and cheerful, mood insecurity, blue metropolis affects Morpheus.
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 A variety of food can aid Mian

A lot of food of   can have the effect that sleep peacefully, for instance milk, the lubricious ammonia inside is acerbity, can promote cerebrum nerve cell to secrete amine of person of be sent on a diplomatic mission's Mondayish 5 hydroxide color; A little small still snacks also can promote Morpheus. Dietetics home Liao Xiaohua says, before sleeping can crack with teeth in mouth nods sunflower, can have the effect that calm the nerves; Edible mulberry, longan, big jujube, lotus seed, walnut, honey, apple is to help the beautiful that you fall asleep taste; Additional, dinner drinks bit of millet congee to be helped to Morpheus very big.
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 Nutrition is combined more calm the nerves

Although   is afore-mentioned these are good east east already delicious have nutrition again, the most important is to be able to help you fall asleep, nevertheless, professor Liao Xiaohua expresses, the food of onefold auxiliary Morpheus too individuation, need everybody to choose suitable food according to his circumstance.
  Professor Liao Xiaohua says, the nutrition that absorbs collocation can choose to take nourishment, health care to taste, OK also oneself match according to taste. E.g. , can choose to contain the nourishment of a variety of mineral elements, especially calcium and magnesian content achieve 2: The scale of 1 is best, can loosen nerve well, let you achieve deepness Morpheus; The nest evening that still can try the combination such as honey of a vitamin B6, magnesian, longan to be together is peaceful milk powder, all sorts of hypnotic nutrition can act well jointly; Additional, resemble all sorts of whole wheat bread, rich vitamin B is contained inside, still added honey, can help Morpheus better.
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