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Spring stranding is not ill carry kinetic energy life-giving
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Common saying says: "Spring strand autumn lack summer to take a nap " , what experience spring strands many citizens recently is vexed. The doctor says, indoor air is not current, go to work or attend class sedentary do not move, at ordinary times food is fat and hot, it is to cause spring tired " culprit " .

Climate change is brought about spring tired

Every arrive spring, many people can feel magical tired force lack, occurrence mood is flabby, morpheus is not deep, the state that much dream wakes easily, and working person criterion often yawn again and again, carry do not have mind. Think carefully, workload also did not increase, morpheus also is mixed same before, how can often you feel to did not sleep enough? This is people often say " spring strand " .

"Spring tired " in Chinese and Western can get explanatory on medical knowledge talking. According to theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, spring tired result from airy humidity increases, cause the body " weight in wet base " . Professor of happiness of doctor forest standing grain tells director of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of fontal state city the reporter, the person's milt advocate the body " carry is changed " , spring humidity is big, baric low, can weaken splenetic function, make the damp in the body cannot eduction, let a person feel fatigued consequently.

Western medicine theory thinks spring stranding is a head anoxic expression, this did not get used to climate change, hemal easy completely to shrink with plant nerve the function is not acute about. Human body falls in the stimulation of winter chill, skin blood-vessel is in " convergent " condition, the hematic flow of splanchnic organ increases, the blood of cerebrum is supplied also increase relatively, gradually nurturance the habit of the job below tall oxygen circumstance. Spring weather turns after warming, blood-vessel of human body skin and pore are gradually outspread, hemal caliber greatens subsequently, cutaneous blood flow increases greatly, the hematic amount that supplies cerebrum can decrease relatively, cerebrum can undertake protection is adjusted automatically, the bring down is stimulant, human body produces tired feeling and drowsiness with respect to the self-repression that can organize because of the head.

Visible, spring stranding is not ill, however reaction of a kind of when human body changes to climate normal physiology. General spring strand persistent time very won't long, after what got used to air temperature slowly when human body is elevatory, won't feel fatigued again. And, the constitution of the time length that suits to air temperature and person is concerned, constitution relatively the person of beautiful needs a few days to be able to suit only.
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