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German scientist discovers Morpheus conduces to creativity thinking
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A lot of people have such experience, a few 100 thought of the problem that does not get its to solve to sleep in oneself after shut-eye with respect to be readily solved. The newest research of German scientist provided scientific basis for this kind of experience.

England " natural " the positive result of this one research that the magazine published Lv Bei to overcome university scientist. The scientist undertook study to 66 volunteers, let them solve some kind intellective test subject. Solve this kind of test to inscribe from time to tome a doohickey, if discovered this one doohickey,solve speed to rise greatly.

The scientist lets a volunteer accept test and training first, divide them two groups next, one group sleeps, one group does not sleep. They let accept a test again after 8 hours, one group when sleep as a result had 60 % to discover this one doohickey, and only 20 % discovered this one doohickey one group when do not sleep. If volunteer first time accepts this kind of test, criterion no matter whether sleep beforehand, the proportion that discovers this one doohickey is same.

According to result of this one test, the scientist thinks, morpheus conduces to creativity thinking. They are conjectural, person head is in Morpheus when may undertake handling machining to the information of memory, help then solved difficult problem.