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Nowadays, american estimation has 70 million person to facing Morpheus problem, 6 have insomnious symptom inside 12 months in the past into Beijing adult. And among them, an investigation that according to international Morpheus the organization releases makes clear, 30 years old of females that arrive 60 years old are during the job of a week inside, average Morpheus time has only. In every 4 mothers, 3 weigh him always is " the feeling is very tired " . Millions woman can suffer insomnious torment always in their lifetime. Researcher is leaving
Only then understand this among them reason, explore new measure to help them. New publish " news weekly " cover article had comprehensive story to this.

Like the mom of a lot of little children, masa Yasuo feels all the time particularly tired, so that become her 3 years old son nap a little while when, she also makes the best of time to take a rest. However, although she rested a few minutes this is additional, but had not arrived towards evening she is already whacked, so tired that the eye does not open a bit. An autumn last year, when the amuse oneself in the home that in them when her son new York grows an island, inferior cringle skin is heavier and heavier, the eye is not opened. When just when she is fast,be asleep, she feels the son's hand is put on her face. He is crying greatly: "Mom, mom, wake! " she sleeps lightly abruptly. "I know to still have more more important than stranding thing, because a mother serves as domestic CEO, get take care of everything oneself, " 36 years old inferior all alone says. She calls to her doctor, the Morpheus that the doctor introduces her to go to university of American new York is maladjusted the center undertakes checking. Slept in sleep lab one evening, after the cerebra that monitors her through electrode, breath and motion, inferior the potential reason that all alone understands finally to she is stranded so that be no good. The lung of university of American new York learns the home to install graceful · triumphant Lei Ge to tell inferior all alone, inside 8 hours when she thinks she slept, she woke 245 times unexpectedly. "This number makes me astonish, but it can explain everything, " inferior all alone says.

Kaileige makes examine break to her: What she gets is " repeatability breath is shallow slow " , sleep when her that is to say when, her air current is decreasing. Want to achieve when her puny breath only when critical point, her cerebra can wake up her automatically. Say so, this is the reason that awakes for many times in her night. Kaileige expresses, monitor still makes clear inferior all alone is motion of an intermittence limbs maladjusted patient. In night, her leg can twitch in spite of oneself, this more the Morpheus that disturbs her. Inferior after all alone knows an outcome very be at ease. She says: "The illness had been diagnosed, I hope to be able to cure. " a few week hind, inferior demand comes new York university again, use a kind to call CPAP (pressing aerate) Morpheus lung ventilator has treatment, in order to maintain her all night breath is stable. If CPAP can be solved inferior the breath of all alone is shallow slow, expectation of triumphant thunder case will be the motion that treats her next maladjusted. Inferior all alone expresses, feel now already a lot of, this kind of help still is continueing in.

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