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The operation treats stertorous Mo Sui to be done

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 Sleep to be not worn much because of nervous angst

"The person see a doctor that Morpheus monitors a center to exceed 6 to become says him insomnia. " and south the university is accessary Doctor Ma Wenbin expresses the center of sleep-disorder of the first hospital that monitor, according to TNS international famous market studies a company findings 2006 shows, the rate of sicken of insomnia of 12 the middle of a month in the past is Guangzhou adult 68% , rank Beijing, Shanghai to wait for 6 to be investigated first urban.

"In insomnious patient, because of,passing the person of half is nervous, angst, depressed the contradictory sex insomnia that cause. " Introduction Ma Wenbin. Additional, when a few patients state an illness, say oneself slept only 9 hours. And Morpheus detects show, they slept 45 hours. Because time of patient shallow Morpheus is long, difficult,this basically is Morpheus weak point or without. The patient's angst and depressed as mutual as insomnia influence, with respect to aggrandizement insomnious error.

And south the university is accessary Pan Jiyang of director of division of psychology of spirit of the first hospital reminds, 6 months need insomnia to the hospital does Morpheus to monitor and make corresponding treatment.

  Sleep early to be able to not rise early certainly

"Not be to sleep early the decision rises early, rise early however the decision sleeps early. " Ma Wenbin explains, going to bed when having drowsiness just is optimal Morpheus time. If come to before two hours in drowsiness with respect to go to bed " brew " , such meetings fall asleep very hard, want to sleep to sleep to be not worn more more, impose heavy psychology burden, aggrandizement insomnia error, cause anxiety.

   Stertorous and unfavorable casual operation

Stertorous person may suffer from block sex Morpheus to breathe time-out low aerate ask for integratedly (OSAHS) . Research shows, it can make of hypertensive, diabetic, coronary heart disease come on risk heighten. 95% stertorous patients may be put in breathing time-out or sudden death circumstance. Advertisement of medical treatment of believe what one hears of a few patients, art of be enlightened handle is one-time solve thoroughly. The expert says, be not every stertorous patient to suit an operation actually, do not suit an operation forcibly after the operation, bring about a disease to have a relapse after 1 year likely, treat the effect again not apparent. Ma Wenbin reminds, whether to suit an operation, need next diagnosis to monitor ability through Morpheus first.

"A lot of people think sleeping pill has the dependence, sex that become addiction, actually, want to follow the doctor's advice to take medicine and remove drug only, taking sleeping pill is hurtless. " Ma Wenbin reminds, take sleeping pill to be able to make muscle flabby, old person osteoporosis, after taking this drug easy trip, easy fracture.

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