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Improve Morpheus state conduce to treat chronic to recommend 12 kinds of nostrum
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Hypertensive, rhythm of the heart is anxiety of wrong, coronary heart disease, lung, diabetic, nephrosis, fat, epileptic, sexual function drops, plant nerve function disease of grow in quantity of disorder, red blood cell, stalk of intentional still flesh soldier of thrombus of dead, head, head medium, sudden death...

In clinical medical treatment, afore-mentioned diseases suffer from some to treat plan often " suit the remedy to the case " . Director of Chinese Morpheus seminar Professor Huang Xizhen thinks to make sickish disease among them may be by Morpheus disease especially Morpheus breathes an obstacle to cause, wanted to improve Morpheus or Morpheus breath condition only, a lot of disease need not be treated and heal, can get older rate at least alleviate.

Morpheus is the luxury of modern

Professor Huang Xizhen says, mention life quality, people loves to use " basic necessities of life " 4 words will generalize, still should add on one actually " sleep " word. Because Morpheus is more important to the mankind, a person drinks water 7 days not to take food to still can survive only, but not Morpheus can live 4 days only. Morpheus, in life rhythm faster and faster today, become modern increasingly " luxury " . Report of a medicine of American points out, the job of modern is busy, add night life much appearance is colorful, average Morpheus time is compared on century the person before 90 time became little half hours.

Meanwhile, the insomnia that causes as a result of a variety of elements has made the disease of minatory mankind health. In the United States, Europe and Australia, the about 10% ~ in the crowd 49% contract insomnious disease: Be in our country, in a year of in the past, have the person insomnia of 35% at least, the person insomnia symptom of 17% is quite serious, and Morpheus confine is in " shallow Morpheus " the person's scale is as high as 77.3% . Have media coverage, the person that Shanghai has 40% above about is existing the sleep-disorder of different level. Among them, the woman's number is 1.5 times of the male. 40 ~ 60 years old in old people is occupied 3/4. Also did not escape even children a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of sleep-disorder, the children that is as high as 46.7% has the symptom such as Jing of disease of balderdash, grind one's teeth, snore, nightmare, night, enuresis, somnambulate. Be in Beijing, have 400 much people about different level land is existing sleep-disorder, among them, 100 much people need sleeping pill to help Morpheus. Insomnia already became the nightmare that perplexes modern health, what should cause the public is enough take seriously.

Insomnious type

Mian is entered hard when sleeping at the beginning of ● .

● falls asleep without difficulty, after sleeping awake very quickly however, very long ability reentry sleeps.

● rectifies evening not to sleep soundly, shallow sleep to dawn, like seeming to had not slept completely.
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