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Research: Sleep is enough benefit Yu Shoushen
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French scientist discovers, be short of become aware the likelihood is one of fat reasons, morpheus is helpful for carrying good figure amply.

French sanitation and medical institute (expert of INSERM) nerve science blocks Lin Shipigeer to say: "Sleep more can make the good way that maintain weight or becomes thin. " she says, people often fat ascribe to food undeserved or lack moves, and disregard be short of become aware with fat potential connection, this one connection all is reflected somewhat on grow upping and children body.

Shipigeer says, there are Grehlin and Leptin respectively inside human body two kinds hormonal with weight be closely bound up, grehlin can make the person produces hungry move, slow down metabolism, lower human body adipose use up ability; Leptin can reduce the person's appetite, control is adipose in the corner inside human body.

Shipigeer says, the research of INSERM shows, sleep less two hours every night, can bring about the Grehlin inside human body hormonal increase 28 % , leptin is hormonal reduce 18 % . These change can make the person favores tall grease food, for example biscuit, cake, earthnut.

Researcher discovery, be short of become aware can make hungry degree of the person comes than increasing 23 % at ordinary times 24 % , make human body is absorbed more everyday thereby 350 to 500 thousand caloric quantity of heat.

In addition, the United States Johns Hopkins - a research that communal and wholesome institute will publish Bulongbaige this year in Feburary announces, children sleeps one hour more every night, become fat odds can drop 9 % ; Contrary, the risk that the children of exceeding lack Morpheus overweights or contracts fat disease compares general collude age person tower above 92 % .

A few researcher suggest, 5 years old of the following children should sleep at least 11 hours everyday; 5 years old should sleep at least 10 hours everyday to 10 years old of children; Children of 10 years old of above should sleep at least 9 hours everyday.