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Morpheus considers to obtain new achievement to conduce to development treating
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A newest research that heads by American scientist makes clear, the action since the place when a few kinds of related to Morpheus chemical material in cerebrum are controlling sleep each are not identical. This discovery will conduce to development giving remedial Morpheus to be mixed mussily the more effective remedy of insomnious disease.

Early knows scientists, 3 kinds of material in cerebrum -- the rise of compound amine, adrenalin and histamine content level and drop influential to Morpheus process. They drop can cause Mondayish feeling, they rise to make a person sober. Researcher thinks for a time, the action since these 3 kinds of chemical material is identical. And now, the scientist sleeps with having frequency ill dog considers to discover for experimental object, the action since place of these 3 kinds of material not just the same. Action of compound amine, adrenalin at sarcous adjustable and curve degree, do not move in order to assure in disorder into the body when entering Morpheus state, and when does histamine criterion control awake.

Frequency sleeps a kind of ill symptom, it is alleged " abrupt pours disease " . Patient regular meeting makes intense dream, if suffer assault wait, can be opposite even sometimes awake in the harm of oneself, or the person that when awaking, discovers oneself sleep beside in assault. This makes clear, it is normal that sarcous still maintained when these person consciousnesses are ambiguous activity. Have the aid of at the research to the dog, the scientist is maintained, frequency sleeps disease is be affected as a result of level of the histamine inside body by some kind and become low, and the inducement of insomnious disease is histamine level exorbitant.