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"Drowse bug " the mystery of research and Morpheus
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Had looked " on the west travel notes " the person knows, king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank should attend a meeting flat peach, invited each immortal, however the portion with empty without Sun Wu alone, realize air not to pass, unplug below a few soft on the human body change drowse bug, make the guard of guard people faint to sleep, realize take the chance to be swept and use up wine water fruit for nothing. But this kind magical " drowse bug " be people only imagine and Si.

Morpheus is phenomenon of the mankind's indispensable a kind of physiology. In the person's lifetime, morpheus occupied nearly 1 / the time of 3, its quality stand or fall and human body health were having close relationship. Long-term since, the scientist is exploring the secret of Morpheus ceaselessly, very long period of time, they think, morpheus is one kind when what contain inside human body cries " Morpheus element " material is in effective. Somebody did a test, get a dog dog-tiredly, do not let it for a long time sleep, next draw-out its blood, the input arrives on another sober dog body. The miracle appeared: That sober dog the start is suddenly slow, fall into a profound sleep then. Explain from this, exist really in animal blood can make the material of its Morpheus. The scientist tries a few times to depart go out to be cut truly " Morpheus element " material, but all fail, to 20 centuries metaphase, this research was gone aground.

In recent years, as a result of science and technology develop energetically, the equipment of science and technology with scientist advanced have the aid of, morpheus element doctrine " stage a comeback " , obtain successional breakthrough. The scientist goes up from a dog-tired goat body draw-out fluid of partial head spinal cord, its infuse inside other animal body, latter is met sleep deeply a few hours. Through accurate analysis, the scientist is informed the part that forms Morpheus element is peptide of wall of a kind of afterbirth, call S factor.

The scientist still is informed from inside another experiments, a few weeks animal blood compares Si classics winter sleep to just entered the blood of animal of winter sleep period, the effect that its cause winter sleep is bigger. Consider to discover deep, 3 kinds of bizarre particle exist in the blood of hibernant animal, have the effect that causes winter sleep.

In addition, the scientist points out, "Morpheus element " not be sleeping pill, it is to those who generate is in inside the head inside source sex compound. According to saying, the scientist already found several kinds of different structures " Morpheus element " , the effect that they have in Morpheus process is distinct also.

Current, the scientist is intensifying considering " Morpheus element " structure, so that find artificial complex method mass-produced. Can envisage, once " Morpheus element " research is successful, it will produce tremendous effect to human society: Countless nightly insomnia person will no longer painful; The patient after the operation can continue go off, till cut heal.
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